tears of a clown and the other clown who comfort them

the entire clown college.
if amber guyger didn’t go to jail for killing botham jean,
we would have rioted.
she is a former officer who killed her upstairs neighbor by mistake.
she thought he was in her apartment and he broke in.
she was actually in his.
she tried to use the weaponry of “white tears“…


…but the judge and jury were already quenched.
she was allegedly crying,
but no tears were coming down.
well thankfully she was found guilty today…



…but can we talk about another clown that was with her in the court room?
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I Didn’t Sign Up For This!

i didn’t sign up for that.
that creepy ass clown in #ahsfreakshow.
i don’t do clowns!
all this time i thought it was premiering next week.
i decided to watch it just now and i’m SCARED!
every light is on in my crib.
i will probably sleep the same way.
bedroom door locked.
the club next to my bed.
i’m not even playing.
why ain’t no one tell me this season started off so damn scary?

x watch first episode here