fancy’s defining moment has changed her life forever

we have defining moments in our lives that can change the dynamic in a snap.
i’ve been there.
i didn’t realize the impact of losing my parentals and best friend would have on me.
one of my best friends is experiencing a defining moment now…

who has been on my podcast,
got a new mercedes a couple of months ago.
she has been steadily climbing the ladder of success in her personal and professional life.
a couple of days ago,
we were having a convo about tinting her car windows.
i thought it would be fly; she wasn’t with it.
who knew the defining moment would happen the next day.

She ended up getting into a horrible accident

she was turning at an intersection and a guy on a bike hit her car.
76 years old.
he went flying over the car and is in pretty bad shape.
the damages to her car are going into 12k and she was written a ticket for the accident.
not only that,
who knows if the guy will sue her.
we just got off the phone and she is absolutely traumatized.
i can sense ptsd because of what she had to witness.

it made me see how life can change in a matter of moments.
life is very short and we can be here today and gone tomorrow.
i had to wonder…

Does it really even matter?

2020 has taught me some shit just doesn’t matter.
who knew this would be our current way of living last year?
some of the shit we are dealing with is minor compared to what can really go down.
we should always be grateful to see another day,
stand tall in who we are,
and say what we feel because it could all change if our journeys permit.

i’m praying for my friend that she will be comforted during these difficult times.
i am hoping things will work out and her armor becomes stronger after it all.
if any of the foxhole is going through a defining moment,
i’m sending you my love and light as well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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