so i watched kamala harris vs mike pence vp debate and well…

last night was one showdown i was looking forward to watching.
kamala harris vs mike pence at the vp debate.
in my heart of hearts,
i felt like kamala was gonna eat pence up.
she comes with a law degree,
shady facial expressions,
and a black belt in dragging.
my quick thoughts

i kinda felt like…

well first off,
even tho she does things that annoy tf outta me,
she taught me how effective a calm nice-nasty drag is.

she blew life into me and didn’t even realize.

i felt kamala showed out but…

Did it feel like they both held back in answering the questions?

kamala gave something at least,
but pence definitely didn’t.
i felt like i didn’t learn anything with him.
his strategy was definitely calmer than kamala.


the fly on mike’s head was the star of the show.
that fly sat on pence head for close to 5 minutes without moving.
as one of the foxholer’s said in their ig about the fly and him:

i mean he is full of shit and might just be a demon.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

What were your thoughts about the Kamala Harris vs Mike Pence debate last night?

did it sway you from voting for trump again or…

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “so i watched kamala harris vs mike pence vp debate and well…”

  1. That center stage battle had me and was the political fight of the year!!! That fly was tap dancing all over that hair piece. Tho, Kamala could have addressed the elephant in the room about the White House covid illnesses.

    1. Yeah, she let him get away with a few things.
      She didn’t mention the joyride outside of Walter Reed, or the photo op after he returned to the WH or the “super-spreader event”, which I think she should’ve mentioned. If those weren’t perfect examples of the President flouting the seriousness of the issue, I don’t know what is.

  2. Let’s not let that fly distract us from the fact that Pence is a hateful homophobe who said theres no such thing as systematic racism!

  3. At this point it’s about voting for the lesser of two evils. I do feel Kamala came off as cocky and possibly untruthful. Especially when it came to fracking, a shame that so many Americans build their livelihoods off of something that is so detrimental to our environment. That’s why they had to lie, cause they need the votes from the heartland. But overall I do feel if not anything else that we deserve a new start with fresh blood. Trump is a buffoon and he gotta come out.

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