the rhoa gave their peaches to this skrippa?

i didn’t realize the vixens of “rhoa” were getting down like this.
i mean,
it’s reality tv so anything is possible.
storylines need to be pushed so cast members can stick around.
there were rumblings a couple of cast members had a threesome with a stripper.
this all happened at cynthia bailey’s bachelorette party.
the forest are saying the alleged stripper was none other than

michael “bolo” bolwaire.
he allegedly smashed porsha williams and tanya sam.
latoya ali was involved too.
i mean…


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would you blame them?

well bolo is saying this is fake news.
he put out a psa on his ig to give his side of the story:


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PSA!!!! NOW CLICK THAT LINK IN THE BIO!!!! #MICHAELBOLWAIRE #theexception #bolotheentertainer

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he sounds believable.
a lie could ruin his “professional” reputation tbh.
i’ve heard most male strippers sleep with their clientele for the right price.
this can include other males as well.
now if only he could explain why he would put up such a wack ass onlyfans.
he had one job and well…

9 thoughts on “the rhoa gave their peaches to this skrippa?

  1. I will have my eyes glued to the tv. I feel that is really is not a big deal if it was someone who is single. If it was a married person, that takes shit to another level

  2. I don’t even watch RHOA anymore. I’m just bored of middle-aged black woman being hostile, aggressive, degrading and violent to each other but this reeks of “we need storylines.” Bolo is going to deny is because..what the fuck else is he going to say? RHOA producers prolly cut him a check and told him to deny the allegation just like them other hoes will as well. Whats funny he denied it, yet is using the attention to push is over-priced, wack ass onlyfans tho…niggas.

    1. I always suspected he was” Gay ,or Bi “too( A whole nother topic) Its just my personal perception.

      However ,I can easily see myself doing him.

      I always thought he was one of the best in looks , moves and stripper performance. ( ha ha ha )

  3. Now that Nene is gone Kenya & producers leaked the stories to drum up publicity & try to shame Porsha who is SINGLE btw!! I don’t believe it even if it was true THEY ARE GROWN ASF!!!

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