so i watched kamala harris vs mike pence vp debate and well…

last night was one showdown i was looking forward to watching.
kamala harris vs mike pence at the vp debate.
in my heart of hearts,
i felt like kamala was gonna eat pence up.
she comes with a law degree,
shady facial expressions,
and a black belt in dragging.
my quick thoughts

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i don’t know if i want trump to be impeached

i’m really not.
so nancy pelosi has ordered an impeachment for trump.

soon after,
#impeachthemf went trending.
don’t get me wrong,
there is a side of me that is tickled pink.
i plan on attending every “ding dong, trump is gone!” party i get an invite too.
i’ll even break my celibacy and throw these legs high in the sky.
once i come to from my drunken celebration,
and tell that wolf to get out my hotel room,
life does have to go on.
a new president has to run the country and that means…

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mike pence compares mlk’s fight to that wall

so as you know,
today is martin luther king day.
a day where we remember the life and work of dr. king.
mike pence,
vp to “the orange one”,
compares trump’s issues with that wall to “i have a dream” from mlk.
this is what he said in an interview with “face the nation”
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A “Woke” Tremaine Is A “Get This Foxhole” Tremaine

there are many things that turn me on about tremaine neverson.
^that picture is one of them.
well even though tremaine was acting a plum fool a few weeks ago,
it doesn’t stop him from being woke.
he always drops good brain on his twitter ever so often.
so the VP jackal of this country,
mike pence,
tweeted this:

…and then tremaine responded with this

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#boycotthamilton (Mike Pence Doesn’t Deserve That!)

tumblr_inline_nyvlzziwjg1sm10cy_1280everyone meet a new super villian that batman has to defeat.
his name is mike pence and he is the vp to trump.
in my opinion,
he is the real president who will be running things behind the scenes.
that screams disaster.
well when we he went to see the sold out “hamilton” in new yawk,
he got his wake up call with…
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