this is how i remember him.
who is this?…

life hasn’t been kind to him, has it?

lowkey: i know he is older…
but, he hasn’t aged gracefully.
i hear you can see him in the lenox mall in atl.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. So sad to see yet another high profile person who had so much not plan for the future nor the day when the applause would stop and the big paydays. He is looking like the definition of a washed up act. I guess like most of us who never had anything and suddenly have everything we think it will never stop and we can do and treat people any kind of way. I always heard he had a nasty attitude on and off the court, and he never learned the lesson that you cant bring everybody to the party. I bet all those friends in his entourage are long gone who you to kiss his ass and encourage his bad behavior, since the money is gone and the VIP treatment has stopped, and the other sad part is that there is a new generation coming along who want learn from his mistakes and will be in the same boat in a couple of years. All atheletes should be required to take a course in college on handling fame, hoes, and finances.

    1. You would be correct about that attitude, but his Mom’s is worse.
      He still rolls with 50 niggas deep. It’s sad to see a grown ass man with no home training.

      I have receipts.

      He didn’t look as bad as the above photo but his loud ass ghetto entourage was not in camouflage.

      Your life skills course recommendation has me wondering how many athletes are just plain illiterate. They can’t read at all so they don’t read contracts, don’t sign prenups or draw up confidentiality agreements, don’t know how much they are paying advisors, and always five people too many handling personal business.

      No wonder they are suicidal.

  2. wolfs and foxes the man simply lost weight. It is expected less protein shakes, gym, over eating and physical exercise. The man shrink so does not mean he broke and dying.

  3. He still look good tho. I lay some pipe down on him. LOL. Maybe he should become an nba analyist, I think that would give him a great opportunity to make some money. As far as playing in the NBA again, I believe that part of is over. He’s 37, and plus he has a difficult time staying on one team. I still said he should have stayed in Denver, he was a perfect fit there as well as he was when he played for Philly.

  4. This is hogwash mixed with haterism. AI is aging well. That man is gorgeous. He took many pics in vegas yesterday and you chose the pic with him off guard. Why don’t you post all of the photos? You just want to disparage himself. Why don’t you post pics of yourself and let us critique yourself. Your a hater.

  5. He’s not washed up at all. He’s in vegas promoting his reebok signature sneakers which are in footlocker stores as well as online. He still has his mansion in ATL and drives a Maybach. I don’t consider that washed up at all. You wish you acquired his wealth and notoriety.


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