Come With Me, Hail Mary (Dive In This Songzbird Inspired Entry)

you should be happy.
i have your album.

oh shut up songzbird.
it’s okay.

so, songzbird dropped his video for “hail mary“.
i see he needed that “hood song” to get him in the clubs….


video is cute.
not the idea i had in mind,
but it works.
also, check the trailer for dive in


songzbird has “fuck me” very well on his spirit, doesn’t he?

that poor white lady was like “what is going on?” LOL.

he also does a very good “i’ll fuck you so good” face too.
not bad songzbird.
not bad.

3 thoughts on “Come With Me, Hail Mary (Dive In This Songzbird Inspired Entry)

  1. I think his time is up. So not a fan anymore, Every song sounds redundant, emotionless, and wack. I’m not feeling him. I think this is the beginning of the end for him. I truly agree with Flex Bugatti, He’s the next Ginuwine, and where is he now? I’ll wait.

  2. That was mad corny and very unprofessional, no wonder why he hasn’t branch out like his peers….I used to be a fan of his back in the day and saw big things for him but he’s become this knock off Ginuwine type kat.

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