Come With Me, Hail Mary (Dive In This Songzbird Inspired Entry)

you should be happy.
i have your album.

oh shut up songzbird.
it’s okay.

so, songzbird dropped his video for “hail mary“.
i see he needed that “hood song” to get him in the clubs….

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I Want Mechad Brook’s To Give Me Some “Necessary Roughness”

Wouldn’t you like him to rough you up?
I know I would.
I would let him rough me up alllll night like he did that chick in True Blood (click here).

Jamari: we are making an entry.

Mechad Brooks has been pretty busy.
He was on True Blood,
and now he is on a new show called Necessary Roughness.
He plays a Baller Wolf named, “TK“.

I never saw the show a day in my life,
but I can tell you right now,
I’ll be checking it out based on these pictures…

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How 2 Talk Dirty and Be A Pro At It ( The 18 and Up Only Foxxxy Guide )

“You like this nasty pussy, huh?”

“Do you like this nice wet nasty pussy?”

“Ooooh yeah, I want that big fat cock.”

and when he finally gets in motion…


I love watching white girls get smashed in porn.
They get all into it and get all nasty with the mouth.
It makes you feel like they are truly getting… fucked.

I know a lot of my Foxes out there feel silly talking dirty to their Wolves…
…or they love it and let that mofo know he is beatin that thang up PROPER!

So below is how to talk dirty (or how to improve it) …

Do you like that Daddy?

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All Wet.



…but is it me or does it seem,
judging from his Youtube videos,
does he try way to hard?

He is handsome, do not get me wrong, but he comes off trying to force his sexy.

Jamari Advice

I wouldn’t kick you out of bed but….

My advice,
just be yourself.

… and that is sexy.


F0x Asks: Security HARD

I always found security guards attarctive.

I always pictured them in my mind,
tackling some crook,
pinning him to the floor,
pulling his dick out and…

Wait, that’s my fantasy.

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My Sexy Neighbor

Voyuerism can be so hot.

It’s like, watching someone in the “act” feels so naughty.
The mystery alone can make you go head over heels in an erotic fantasy.
I always loved to watch people fuck.
That is why I cannot get with scripted porn (besides J. Strokes, Flash Brown, and Justin Slayer).
I like to see real people FUCKING.
It turns me on HEAVY.

That is how I left last night, at 3 in the morning, watching my sexy neighbor fuck someone…

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