F0x Asks: Security HARD

I always found security guards attarctive.

I always pictured them in my mind,
tackling some crook,
pinning him to the floor,
pulling his dick out and…

Wait, that’s my fantasy.

I decided to take a nice stroll on my lunch break to the mall.
I wasn’t particularly going to buy anything,
since I just spent damn near 300 something on various fabric items to cover my naked body for a couple events coming up.

A Fox has expensive taste.

I turned the corner and saw the cutest Wolf dressed in blue, black, and yellow at his post. I have seen him before and it was the same thing….

Him staring me down and watching my every move.

This time,
it was alot more blatant… and I was getting blatantly aroused.
I decided to go chat it up with my manager friend in the fitted store where he was standing. As I was talking to her, I was staring at him through the giant glass windows and I saw him sneaking looks at me.

He is tall
medium build (not muscular or not skinny. That nice inbetween meat.)
Light skinned (I think he is spanish)
… and a nice round ass (I saw the outline of it because he had his hands in his pockets)


I wanted to go ask him something but I didn’t know what to say.

“So you arrested anyone today?” – Nope.
“How can I work here?” – Hell no.
“Nice black shoes?” – Um.
“Where is Macys?” – Stupid question.
“Can you fuck me froggy style with your badge in my mouth?” – I’ll ask that later.

I want to break the ice and ask him something good but, I do not know what.
Plus I want an up close view before I seal this deal (he is wearing a hat).

So Foxes,
I’ll leave it up to you.

What can I ask the sexy security guard
(that isn’t vulgar or I can be tackled…
and not in the good way)?

I’ll leave this one up for you.

12 thoughts on “F0x Asks: Security HARD

  1. Bruh, just walk up to him and ask — directly — “I notice you looking my way. May I give you a hand or something?”

    If he responds “Yes,” then you’ve sealed the deal.
    If he responds “No,” then come back with, “Too bad, ‘cuz you could certainly give ME a hand with something!”

    I double-dog, ‘big joker’ guar-ohn-TEE dude will laff at this response! And you 2 can go frolic from there.

    Let me know how his “badge” tastes in your mouth.
    (*sly grin*)


    1. You know I will try that method E.
      I have been feeling type bold lately.

      I havent seen him since the last time.
      I hope they didn’t move his post because I didn’t get to fuck him!

  2. “can you fuck me froggy style with your badge in my mouth”- Wow jamari, really. messy and i love it

  3. Nice site, I didnt have the chance to notice insidejamarifox.com before in my surfing! Keep up the great work!

  4. Jamari! I love your BLOG! Just wanted to say that! lol
    Ok… READ CAREFULLY! A while ago you gave me advice about how to decipher between someone interested vs. those who just stare for SPORT!
    1. You should give him a nod first with a smile….
    For. Example you walking busy doing something and you suddenly look up and notice him looking your way, and you give him a smile and nod.
    2. You could also say “Long day man?” & continue about how you see him looking tired all the time. Inquire about his position and how you were interested in a a second job.
    3. Ask him about a store that does not exist in the mall & your heard that its being moved into the mall. Continue about saying does he get any action in the mall… For example since tons of ppl come to the mall everyday, is there a lot of drama. Introduce yourself and get his name too. Then go buy something you dont need and return back to the mall the next day to return it to see him.. lol…
    I am trying to hook you up!!!!
    NOW GO! lol

  5. Its so tough asking the “break the ice question”. You could always go for something corny like… i think my phone is wrong, what time do you have? Thanks. Or try and be cute like… damn, do u work everyday? I never see any other security guard?… just try and make it about him. Until it isnt lol

  6. If he standing in the open area – walk by – and ask how his day is going? keep the shit regular…and roll from their – no crime in being cordial….especially if the booty fat(wait sorry – that’s what I’m trying to get into) – either way yeah the friendly joke and poke works…..always….

  7. lol you are a hotmess. Okay let me think….

    Iunno something like long day huh? or iunno a statement rather than a question.

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