Update U.

So I wrote about a few issues regarding a few Wolves in my life.
Let’s dwele into some of them with a few updates…. shall we?

So in Slow HOT American Summer, I wrote about two guys that were chatting me up. One is an idiot and the other still has great potential.

Let’s start with the idiot first.

Ex Model was going great. He was kissing my ass and freak texting me the way I like it… and then he had to go show his natural born ass. I was sending him freaky deaky drive by pictures to entice him into my den.

You know, just cause.

Well he started doing things that made me question his persona as well we his sanity. First of all, you have no dick pictures in your phone? Why is that? Everyone has that folder in their Foxberry or iPhone with a folder marked “Do Not Disturb“. That folder is filled with your ass, dick, or for my female Foxes – a spread pussy with a bow on it. Something was up after that so I stopped. Second, I havent met him yet but he is texting me about coming thru to my crib…. with his boy. Why in fucks sake would I let you come to my crib with your boy? And WHO THE FUCK is your boy?

I mean, Im down for a threesome and all but can I meet you and see that you do not look like the Beast in the Lake? Plus you haven’t even smashed yet and you are getting way ahead of your dick. Then, that was another thing. I only saw like1 picture of him and it was heavily photo shopped. The other one was a “side” shot that I couldnt even see his face fully. He had the audacity to ask me to send him a picture yesterday morning. After I showed my face (like twice) – you asking me to show mine????

He is not resting happily in my REJECT LIST.

Mister Jones and me are going well. He is moving nicely although he added one of my pretty girlfriends on the social site. I didn’t really take anything by it because his dick is not resting in me… yet… so who he adds on his time is his business. Plus he is still straight until proven gay so…..yup. He did share wit me that some female he was talking to drove him crazy and he is “done with girls”. Well I’m not a girl so start with me.

Always a constant update with him.

On Why These Tops Need To Be Burned At The Stake, I’ll call him Boyfriend #0 – we kissed and made up the other night. I sent him a text after a week on ignore on some ol “hey, wassup, hope all is good” type shit. He took a while to text me back and I thought, “well that’s it then“.


He texted me back on some ol “wassup boss” and it went from there. I basically did my speaking to him like crap attitude I am growing to love these days. Gave him alot of attitude and made fun of him. He even started to make fun of himself and we went from there.

“You are going to make me punch you in the lips.”- I said
“But I need my lips.” – He says
“Y?” – I reply
“In case I need to drink…” – He says. “….all the cum cause Ima power bottom now.”
“I knew you were using that fat ass for good use.” – I joked

 It made him text me til damn near 1am until we both decided we had nothing else to talk about and went into “shut the fuck up” mode. Well, he was watching True Blood and apparently that was getting him harder than I was.

I put into my mind Boyfriend #0 has a man and I am not him.

…. but I have fun flirting with him in hopes he fucks his man, thinking about me.

Always fun updating on Meat Of The Minutes…. and a spoiled tuna.


Later Foxes

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