why is he making everyone mad on twitter?

hair goals.
beard goals.
face goals?

Why is this wolf so special?

well according to some on twitter,
he is ugly.
i have been seeing him all over my twitter tl.
it started with this:

…and it went to hell from there.
^read that twitter thread for more understanding.
all i saw was tweets slandering his looks for whatever reason.
i had to wonder if he was being an asshole or something.
this is just one example of what i was seeing…

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when you hate being penetrated, but love dick too (cousin confused)

i had an interesting conversation with “cousin confused” today.
he use to be “cousin hybrid”,
but i’ll get into why that’s changed in a few.
so he called me at like 1:30pm.
i thought something was wrong or someone was dead.
a force of habit.
he wanted to talk about something,
but we ended up talking for a few hours

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Is Tremaine A Smaller Snack Now?

i think the stress has been getting to tremaine.
tremaine is one of those “slim thick” joints.
when he bulks up,
he is an all around snack.
i love him when he is “gym rat” lite.
i saw a new video he is featured in with jacquees.
it’s called “inside”:

that walk in the beginning >>>
that had to be filmed a while ago.
this is tremaine now
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Cee Lo Green Has A Message For Us

cee lo green has been found!
you know,
after the whole world thought his head was blown off.
scroll down to see that entry.
well this is what he uploaded on his instagram via the shade room
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F-BI: Where Is “Big Bunz Brandon” Now?

Brandon-Parker-04whatever ever happened to “big bunz brandon”?
brandon parker is the name he was born with.
he use to model for tarrice love with ice-itsocool.
i remember he was a declared straight wolf,
alleged pre baller wolf turned urban model,
but he was known for his good looks and natural asset.
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