Is Tremaine A Smaller Snack Now?

i think the stress has been getting to tremaine.
tremaine is one of those “slim thick” joints.
when he bulks up,
he is an all around snack.
i love him when he is “gym rat” lite.
i saw a new video he is featured in with jacquees.
it’s called “inside”:

that walk in the beginning >>>
that had to be filmed a while ago.
this is tremaine now

tremaine is a lot sexier when he has weight on.
it levels him out.
he don’t even have that muscle tail anymore.
the internet never forgets:

he does look good here in these recents tho:

tremaine can “wear a hat”,
can he?
he definitely isn’t a “hat fish”.
i don’t think he is as motivated as before,
but i wish he would.
i feel like for his next era,
he needs to be on some “ll cool j” shit.
remember when ll vanished and returned with “luv u better”?
tremaine doesn’t have the bawdy to be as bulky as this:

…but his bawdy should be on that level of “gatdamn”.
tremaine sells sex so he should always be “sex on a stick”,
not looking like a stick.
if that makes any sense?

lowkey: i remember when i saw that ll cool j video for the first time.
that was one of the defining moments i realized i love men.
i was watching it at an x home girl crib.
while her mother and her were creaming in their panties,
i was sitting on the couch harder than chinese arithmetic.

*photos/video credited: trey songz | instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Is Tremaine A Smaller Snack Now?”

  1. I dunno J. He looks a tad bit slimmer up top, but he’s not ghastly thin. Not a huge difference to me. I wonder if he’s changed his diet. Now Tammy Roman…she out here looking drawn. I really hope she’s ok!

  2. I’m sitting in my bedroom wondering how this big ass spider got up in here on my wall… i got a knife in one hand and lighter in my other…and I happened to stumble upon this post about the love of my life!
    I lost focus. Hey Trey!! I missed you. Looks like he growing into his manhood finally. I really like this guy. He’s handsome but not all buffed up. He has that freaky geek pic too from his young wolf days.

    Goofy as hell. Cute smile, clean cut and can sport a hat real well… I’ll allow it!!!

    Ya know…LL Cool J is sexy and excuse me for saying this but his son is pretty cute too…Them same ole lips. Jus saying…

  3. Trey is naturally skinny

    I just figured he decided to go back to his regular build I guess

  4. Yes, he is definitely smaller than what he used to be. Even though I do not necessarily care for him all that much now, the man is still fine.

  5. Honestly his haircut isn’t doing it for me. His low cuts make me literally scream daddy lol!

    1. ^he needs to lower it now.
      the afro part is too high.
      he needs to bring it down and get his shape up in the front of his head lined up correct too.

  6. [Random] I went to school with the girl in the denim shorts. She’s been OBSESSED with him for years. Lol

    But yeah, I agree. I like him a lil thicker

  7. I’m not a fan of his music but dat ass has always held my attention. The way those Calvins just sit on dat ass…. Sweet Honey Smoked Jesus ✋🏼😣

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