Kanye Reverses His Cancellation With “Ye”

do other white folks get furious at their own for being trump supporters?
i’m just asking…
so kanye came out with an album this week.
it’s called “ye” and social media is abark about it.
“what cancellation?” as soon as it dropped.
i can’t font you all what to do,

 i won’t be listening/purchasing

he has done/said way too many problematic things.
i can’t post bail for him like the others are doing.
some shit i did post bail for,
but the moment he put on that “maga” hat and “slavery was a choice”

i couldn’t get him after that.
the old kanye i grew up with is gone.
the new muthafucka stay in wyoming now.
he had his listening party in a barn.

this is the new kanye and i’m not about it.
and i heard some clips on various social media pages.


we throw the “genius” word around too loosely these days.

lowkey: i feel like the h&m scandal is a little different?
once that mother of the cub said in the effect of:

“i was not offended.
i don’t know why ya’ll protesting…”

…it was grounds to say “noted” and move on from that?

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11 thoughts on “Kanye Reverses His Cancellation With “Ye”

  1. I’m sitting here trying to eat this broccoli and hash brown early for breakfast because I need more balance in my life and I stumble upon this Kayne post…

    So you mean to tell me people went on an anti rant about him, fired him and then rehired him? Honestly, I’m not surprised.

    Isn’t this the same guy that said he was Jesus or God or something and that didn’t stop his momentum one bit.

    Now he’s celebrating in barns??

    I can only sit back and eat while society gets more outlandish as time goes on…

    However, I’d keep an eye open on him. He strikes me as more clever than he appears to be(translation: He’s an opputunist)…He may also be laying down his stake ahead of time before America turns to shit (& it will come to ruin in due time).

    I also love how Kim slid her way to the White House too.

    This is way off topic but I remember seeing something a long time ago…that dealt with humans…& “things” masquerading as humans.

  2. I don’t know why people thought some of these stans/faux outraged people would really cancel him? Lol its just funny how outrage ends quick depending on the celeb.

    I just find it funny how those folks are on the attack defending him & still calling him a genius & worse saying “you canceling him like a sheep & you canceling him you are still mentally enslaved y’all still in slavery.” Its just really interesting how he was cancelled by all until that album, and im sure the yeezys, comes out then we back to calling him the greatest thing ever.

    1. ^ive seen his stans attack folks for cancelling him on his stance on slavery and maga.
      it is disturbing to say the least.
      i figure some would quietly support and hang their heads low.

      so it’s safe to font that all those who came out are lowkey trump supporters too?

      1. The sad fact is they probably hate trump but because kanye they don’t care. Its grown ass adults now after what kanye said really going “hmmm let me question slavery now kanye is so should I.”

        Like nigga y’all calling us sheep yet you out here blindly following a man who wore a maga hat, who tried to “reclaim” the confederate flag, who called slavery a choice, & all that he’s done since his mom died. Im honestly seeing why we as a black people won’t be liberated because we seem to not want to progress or have fake deep moments.

        Also I just find it funny how we ruined/cancelled christe Michelle for her involvement w/ trump but Kanye is getting an okay?

      2. Yes Jamari you are absolutely right and what a lot of black people and white people who are not Donald Trump supporters don’t realize that millions of black people voted for him even black people from the hood are supporters but are quiet about it so you’ll be surprised. 😂

  3. RJ…i would have to agree. We won’t be liberated because MOST of our people take to heart the addage/saying “if you want to hide something from blacks, put it in a book”. Most blacks tend to take the word of others as fact, instead of finding out the information for themselves. If a celebrity says something, they take it as fact.

    They ridicule others for trying to progress, yet they say they want change. Instead of banding together, we come apart, and start attacking one another. Crab-in-the-barrel mentality to the tenth degree.

    MAYBE one day we’ll get our shyt together.

  4. I hate to say it… but I KNEW this would happen. That’s why I was mute when this whole slavery and MAGA fiasco unfolded. Because the internet are fickle and thrive off faux outrage. They’ll be mad at you one week and be over it in the next week.

    Plus Kanye has too much star power to be “cancelled” over those comments he made. Chrisette Michelle has no legacy or star power for folks to care about her. So she lost the little fans she had initially. Kanye and her aren’t in the same level so he can get away with what he said. Drake also won’t be cancelled for his blackface image because of the same exact reason of why Kanye won’t be cancelled.

    Keep in mind that if he pissed off the wrong people *white community* then he would be cancelled for real. He would lose brand deals, sponsorships, fans etc. It would be a horrible business move for him.

    However He pissed off mainly black people, a community with no social or economic power. It’s hardly a loss for him. Especially when his core audience aren’t black. And that’s the unfortunate truth. Also, black people arent monolithic so it’s no surprise that some will still listen to him.

    Me personally – meh, Idc for him or his music. I like some of his old songs but I wouldn’t care if he never made music again.

  5. Smh good thing those before us fought for most of our rights because we have no credibility.

    Like what have we accomplished in the past 40 years that even comes close to what black people were doing in the 60s?


    I’ve accepted that straight black men will always be the most protected in the black community. Doesn’t matter if he’s killing other black people, marrying whites women, having kids all over the place and not caring for them, selling drugs in his own neighborhood, robbing other poor black people.

    There is literally no difference between Kanye and Azealia Banks and Chrisette Michele and we see where they are.

    Kanye West has never given a fuck about black people. He’s just a narcissist.

    1. @Jay 😮

      Wow, your comments about ……”heterosexual black men being the most protected in the black community even if they are terrorizing our neighborhoods and choosing non black women to share their seeds and wealth.”

      ^ this is profoundly sad yet true.

  6. Even if black people would have cancelled him, it wouldn’t have put much of a dent in his popularity. White men are the biggest consumers of hip hop and they couldnt care less about kanyes MAGA stance. If fact, his fanbase probably grew.

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