Kanye Reverses His Cancellation With “Ye”

do other white folks get furious at their own for being trump supporters?
i’m just asking…
so kanye came out with an album this week.
it’s called “ye” and social media is abark about it.
“what cancellation?” as soon as it dropped.
i can’t font you all what to do,
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Bring A Portable Fan To Ye’s Fashion Show!

crx1fipwyaacizbye was having all kinds of issues with his fashion show today.
first of all,
he had it in the blazing sun on roosevelt island.
why is this?
all his multi racial models were completely over the nonsense.
one even fainted.
this is what the new york post had to say…
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Ye Is Trying To Be More In-“Famous”


ye is going through it!
so he finally comes out with the video for “famous”.
the twist?
the video contains alleged naked famous celebs in it.

taylor swift
chris brown
caitlyn jenner
amber rose
anna wintour
ray j
bill cosby
donald trump
george bush
…and of course,
kim kardashian

well allegedly
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