Bring A Portable Fan To Ye’s Fashion Show!

crx1fipwyaacizbye was having all kinds of issues with his fashion show today.
first of all,
he had it in the blazing sun on roosevelt island.
why is this?
all his multi racial models were completely over the nonsense.
one even fainted.
this is what the new york post had to say…

Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season 4” collection was unveiled Wednesday — and it was a total, unmitigated and utter fiasco.

Models stumbled and bumbled down a makeshift runway as the stilettoes “designed” by the modesty-challenged rapper disintegrated under their feet.

The much-anticipated event — which started nearly two hours late — was staged on the grounds of a long-abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island.

Fuming guests were trapped on buses while waiting for Yeezy to show — and at least one model was overcome by the heat and fainted, and had to rely on an audience member for a swig of water.


In one hilarious Instagram video taken by Zach Weis, a fashion writer for The New York Observer, a model in a dark, hooded coat and slacks nearly topples over when her heels fall apart.

“Lots of shoes breaking today at #YEEZYSEASON4 – But the clothes look good!” Weiss cracked about the New York Fashion Week event.

In another video on, a model in a sheer, light-colored dress gets so frustrated with the clumsy kicks she takes them off and stomps away on her bare feet.


Guests griped on Twitter about the show’s late start and the excruciating bus ride from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island — which some likened to being kidnapped.

Fashionistas were told to meet their bus at 1:30 for the 3 p.m. show — but West got into a fender bender on the way and the show was pushed back until 4 p.m., but didn’t begin until closer to 5.

“Overheard on the Yeezy Season 4 bus: “It feels like we’re being kidnapped,” tweeted Gerald Flores, editor of Sole Collector.

While the models and guests wilted in the heat, A-listers including La La Anthony and Pharrell Williams had primo seats.

Kim Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were there in support, with Kim rocking knee-high boots and a sheer turtleneck dress.

Stella Bugbee, editorial director at The Cut, seemed to sum up the general reaction to the show in a tweet.

“The most responsible thing we could all do would be to write NOTHING about this show. #YeezySeason4,” she wrote.

tumblr_myc5wh2njf1qk6zdio1_250if i was ye,
i wouldn’t show my face for a while.
kim would have to put in extra hours bringing in money.
this is extremely embarrassing.
he basically opened new yawk fashion week and failed miserably.
i saw the collection and wasn’t impressed.
i was confused how terrence j could say it was “sick”.
maybe he meant the vixen who passed out?
let’s hope ye realizes fashion design just isn’t his “thing”.

lowkey: i’m floored they was in the heat standing up like that.
i know someone who went.
i’m trying to get the info as we font.

article taken: the new york post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Bring A Portable Fan To Ye’s Fashion Show!

  1. You cannot be great at everything. You can be proficient in many things, but not all. Who knew Kanye’s godhood had limits?

  2. Kayne is talented in many ways but fashion seems to be a hit or miss with him. I love his sneakers and clothes with holes in them and he has pushed the neaural color scheme of dressing forward. This whole event seem sloppy and last minute from the start.

  3. Are we sure that was a special needs girl modeling in the black hoodie and heels? Only because it seemed like it. I’m so for special needs partaking in all activities and I just want to make sure it’s no fun being poked at her.

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