Ye Is Trying To Be More In-“Famous”


ye is going through it!
so he finally comes out with the video for “famous”.
the twist?
the video contains alleged naked famous celebs in it.

taylor swift
chris brown
caitlyn jenner
amber rose
anna wintour
ray j
bill cosby
donald trump
george bush
…and of course,
kim kardashian

well allegedly

it’s all dolls on the bed including him.
dolls foxhole.
“the art of shade” instagram has a quick behind the scenes shot:



ok i saw caitlyn jenner move.
shocked jay and b weren’t on that bed.
chris is the ( x first to respond ).

well this is a super attentionisto stunt if i ever saw one.
on one hand,
i’m like “the fuckkkkkk?????”.
the other,
it has us all talking and gasping.
i’d like more please.
ye does put the “f” in fuckery very well.
lowkey: i’ll post video when it drops officially.
get the popcorn foxhole!
if this was done without any permission,
taylor swift is about to:


…in that court room.

*video and images credited: tidal

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Ye Is Trying To Be More In-“Famous”

  1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. He may be crazy but he ain’t stupid. He would never, and I mean NEVER do something like that to Jay and Bey. He wouldn’t survive the week.

  2. GMAB so he included a bunch of seniors (Caitlyn,Bush,Trump,Cosby,Wintour) Where are the hardcore guys who would beat his ass if he put them in his video? Chris Brown and Ray J don’t count๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. This was very distasteful. I did not want to see Caitlyn’s titties. Yea, he knew better to put Jay and Bey in the bed. He may have lost his mind, but he is not crazy.

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