Kanye Has A Message For Everyone

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this is kanye’s alleged message to everyone in the video.
maybe us who are scared for life.
well i guess kanye told them.
i’m sure taylor swift will take him up on his offer.

lowkey: can anyone really sue him?

The “Famous” Video Ye Got Everyone Talking About

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everyone ready for ye”s video,
“fuckery and foolishness” “famous”?
it was kindly uploaded on twitter and well…
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Ye Is Trying To Be More In-“Famous”


ye is going through it!
so he finally comes out with the video for “famous”.
the twist?
the video contains alleged naked famous celebs in it.

taylor swift
chris brown
caitlyn jenner
amber rose
anna wintour
ray j
bill cosby
donald trump
george bush
…and of course,
kim kardashian

well allegedly
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