The “Famous” Video Ye Got Everyone Talking About

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everyone ready for ye”s video,
“fuckery and foolishness” “famous”?
it was kindly uploaded on twitter and well…


i get the “concept”,
but it still makes no sense.
it’s pure laziness.
well for me anyway.
i’m sure the ye stans are worshipping “yeezus” for being innovative.
i’m looking at him like he can’t tell his head from his ass.

12 thoughts on “The “Famous” Video Ye Got Everyone Talking About

  1. It’s supposed to be about celebrities who we pay attention to b/c of their controversies rather than just their talents. With the exception of anna wintour (to my knowledge) and taylor swift all of them have at one point or another been known more for being involved in a controversy (kanye included) that has kept them in the headlines and propelled their fame or infamy. TBH knowing how much sh*t he talks and the point of the song I’m not surprised and I’m like well at least he had the balls to finally put it all in his work. Have to give him that, not many ppl would’ve had the balls to do it. Not saying it was in good taste, but it does at least match up with the concept of the song. I know that a lot of ppl won’t agree and I completely understand but that’s just the way I see it. Still thinking it’s fucking creepy tho…I aint need to see Bush’s old wrinkled titties.

  2. To be honest, I do not get it at all. Bill Cosby tho? SMH. This is some bullshit.

    S/N: Jamari did you watch Greenleaf? I definitely want to hear your thoughts on that.

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