Kyrie Irving Clapback to your Clapbacks

tumblr_o8qujokAAn1rruxogo1_1280so everyone is talking about kyrie irving again.
not even because of the cleveland cavaliers championship win.
no one cares how kyrie played this season.
hell his pipe print lasted a day.
everyone is talking about this:

a celebratory yacht party he threw with nothing but snow bunnies.
the real talk is his alleged love for:

damn near white

well kyrie decided to clapback to your clapbacks.
this is what he put up on his instagram

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 8.59.23 AM Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 8.59.31 AM



























giphy (7)

i’m confused.
what is that supposed to mean?
all different shades of black wolves?
i read the two black vixens on the side are his family.
what is he trying to say?
why is he trying to say it?
he should have said nothing.

my response to this whole story is this.
kyrie can like who he wants to like.
there are plenty of black wolves out here that like their own.
a few “no black with my coffee” wolves don’t stop no show.i saw this tweet and it was 100% facts for me:

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.07.26 AM

…because let’s be real.
those snow bunnies probably sucked hella winning pipe…0297-anime-big-dick-deepthroatpussies are dumb sore,
and the cab ride was stupid long to get back home.
they all probably got a “i’ll call you” and fake numbers with their exits.
now lets talk about important matters at hand:


names and instagrams on my desk,
please and thank you.

lowkey: mister grey jeans and mister green shirt>>>>

pictures and videos credited: instagram | tumblr

33 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Clapback to your Clapbacks

  1. *sips tea* the tea is exceptionally good today. Who made this tea? I’m sorry to be off subject but the comments on this post has made me want to sip some tea honey!

  2. Wow y’all are really insecure… That tweet that guy made was some utter bullshit because since when wearing bikini at a yacht party make them lowly white? They are not even twerking or flashing their titties, but I already know that guy made that tweet to get some free black pussies tbh…… Seriously who cares if he loves white women. That’s his prefer taste. It like forcing people who like chicken to eat fish.

    1. Lindo frankly sometimes your comment dumbfounded me. Are you able to see, understand that the people on this forum are discussing an issue that is relevant and nescessary. Your need to throw your nonsensical comment just leads me to believe that U are not very intelligent and that U yourself have issues.

      1. I decided a few weeks ago to ignore him when he started consistently posting racist and misogynistic comments about black women.I definitely think he has issues and hopefully he can help with those issues.

      2. But to be honest all I see is people whining over a video, making rude comments about these white girls, and acting like it the athletes responsibility to do something for the black community when it’s not their job.

        Spare the Muhammad Ali bullshit because the only reason why he lost his title and million of dollars was because he refused to go to the army for his selfish needs, also he was known to call Joe Frazier a gorilla repeatedly and he even had a gorilla stuff animal that he would beat up in the ring and named it Joe Frazier as a reference to his features and dark skin.

        The only issue that I have is with you African Americans cause y’all are dumb. I’m sorry, but it’s true. The only thing that you guys are good for is SEX, SEX, SEX.


      3. Well @Lindummy take yo hoe ass to a nun African American blog then Spic Bitch……I wish Jamari would block his ISP signature/email server. I knew way back with his anti-black rhetoric what time it was. He fonts like a angry White Gay man….which I believe he is. Afro-Rican my ass. What Black Rican takes up white women or insert himself in black American social issues….then insults the legacy of Ali. Boy yo ass a how ass white punk antagonizing Black people on a black gay blog

  3. Why is it that we usually always see black athletes with white women (either romantically involved or event wise) when they ‘make it’, but never the other way around for white athletes? Hmm….

    1. Because unfortunately in this White-dominated society White people are put on a pedestal and made to believe that they are at the top of the totem pole.

  4. Why post a pic of your entourage?
    All I wanna know is…who’s the dude in the green shirt and the one sitting on the floor?! Me likey!!

  5. As much as I like and lust after good looking athletes, I must say that I see the majority of them as nothing more than high priced slaves who shuck and jive for the entertainment of the majority. I see so many brothers in fact nearly every straight Black man you encounter who will argue endlessly about a particular athlete or team ability to win. It is like they break down every angle. I wonder what would happen if brothers put this much passion and energy into their children’s education, and the ills in the Black community. When I look at how much money that sports generate on the back of Black men in this country, I wont to weep that they have most of the athletes so brainwashed that they turn their backs on their own brothers and sisters. So many of them live this life of excess and lose touch with the everyday brother and sister who are struggling just to keep up. I have so much respect for the late Muhammad Ali who took a stand against racism and so many other societal ills costing him millions of dollars but greats like Michael Jordan wont say a mumbling word about anything that affects our community. Honestly I dont really know anything about Kyrie, I will give him that he is a nice looking guy for all thats worth, but I dont give a damn who he dates or marries, give your money back to your masters, you will not be the first brainwashed dummy to do so nor the last.

    1. Tajan….you are so right when you say they have them brainwashed.
      I laugh when I hear these athletes talking about playing injured and such, because they’re “warriors” and the “team needs them”.

      Yeah, they need you until your ass is no longer useful to them, and guess what happens…your career comes to an end and you become a bitter person.

      I remember guys in my barbershop were going in on Derrick Rose when he decided to take that time off after surgery on his knee, rather than start playing again right away. Saying stuff like he wasn’t a team player, and warriors fight injured, etc. I was like good for you Derrick! Smart move on his part because he was thinking beyond his playing career, which is what a LOT of these athletes don’t do.

      Either they don’t realize that they’re being fed a line, which starts in college and continues in the majors, or they just don’t care. Once they are no longer useful, their coaches and GM’s will start whispering the same BS into the ear of their replacement. Interesting what money makes people do. Guess that’s why I never stayed on a team sport for long because if I got hurt…it was a wrap, no matter what coach said. LOL

    2. As soon as they recognize any athletic ability in black boys they essentially tell them “you don’t have to be intelligent, you can throw a ball”.

      Colleges recruit them to make them millions and then they have mediocre college careers with mediocre grades outside of sports and then they drop out early to go pro where they sustain several injuries and have little self awareness or fiscal responsibility.

      White men give them millions to sell out their community and of course with that status they find white women more desirable.

      I can’t think of any athlete since Muhammad Ali that took a stand on any issue. He was one of a kind.

    3. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      Tajan, my brother, you hit the nail on the muthafuckin head!!!

      I am an Educator that does all in his power to push my kids higher. I have always taught in at risk schools. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to watch my students literally throw away awesome opportunities in life and education in order to focus on becoming a professional athletes,or worse, a male groupie.

      I teach high school English in Houston. The assignments I give are designed to expose my students to as much information as I can. They are also designed to touch on as many marketable skills as possible. Most school districts across the nation are revamping Education to include technology so that students will competitive on the global scale. Some schools have become part of the Power-Up Initiative which puts a fully equipped HP Laptop (worth approximately $1000) into the hands of every middle and high school student. All the students have to do is pay a $25 deposit as insurance for the year. If something happens to it, they pay another $25 to get another one. We about 100 kids who side that their parents couldn’t afford to pay the deposit, but they arrive on campus in Jordans and the newest phone or tablet.

      They come to school daily without anything that will help them be successful in class or life. Most teachers have the day’s Agenda posted on their Smart Board at the beginning of class so the students can get right to work. The bell will ring, the teacher will make sure the halls are clear and then enter the classroom only to find that almost none of the boys are working. They are vehemently arguing about whatever athletes ended up on the high lights and blooper reels on SportsCenter. I give an assignment and walk around the room to monitor only to find them watching YouTube clips of games and All-star weekend footage. I ask, “Where is your laptop?” They claim that it’s to heavy to carry everyday or it wouldn’t fit in their backpack. Yet, when you check said backpack, you find 2 – 3 pairs of shoes (for use and trade) and gym clothes.

      They all believe that they are going to be the next LeBron or Kobe. They can’t pass the state Algebra test, but they know and are able to analyze any and every player or game statistic. They can’t pass the state history test, but they can tell you every team that has played in the 10 championships in basketball and football, including the MVP’s and scores. It would be easier for them to break into the music industry than becoming a professional athletes. What’s truly sad is that, despite all of the information out there, they believe skill on a court or field is all that it takes to make it. Most of their GPA’s are so low that will never make it into a school frequented by scouts.

      1. Man first of all I commend you for trying to fight the good fight. I am contemplating getting my teachers certification and it would be my passion to go and teach in a inner-city school but after reading this and seeing your challenges, I think it would not take me long to get discourage and be just as frustrated as I am now in my career. We have fallen so far as a race with our young men, so many of them are lost and caught up in BS and have no sense of self and the great history of our people. It seems like you are fighting a losing battle trying to get them to understand their great potential and all they are wasting having dreams of being a athlete or rap star.

      2. I do casework with various high schools in Houston and I know for a fact 60% of the students I’ve worked with can barely construct a proper sentence in writing. I can’t even blame the students when the parents show absolutely no interest in education or providing their kids that have mental disabilities with any skills that will help them get ahead in life.

        I thought about getting my certification in English as well but Texas Teachers said I would have to work as an Teacher’s Aide for at least 6 months and I can’t afford to work for 17k a year so I took that as a sign lol

    4. Ditto.Ditto.. A lot of these men don’t have anything going for them other than they play ball. Try having a conversation with them and you will see that many of them have serious issues including insecurity and low self esteem. For some of them getting a white woman is the ultimate because they feel that she gives him a sense of worth…ie..if she loves me I’m worthy..
      There was once a Black football player who was accused of I believe sexual assault on a young black woman. The fools aliby was that she’s lying, she’s just jealous because I don’t date or go out with Black women. I wondered what his mama, Sisters, cousins etc thought about his statement. I don’t like to use the N word sparingly, but I couldn’t help thinking to my self ..this is a shameless Nig….
      Do you guys ever wonder why the world think so lowly of Black people. It’s statements like these that I’m sure add to the negative image black men are tainted with.

      A suh MI see it.

    5. Everything that you guys said! ^^^^ I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it this way.

  6. For one, I do not even like Kyrie that much, so I could care less about the women he dates. However, it is very obvious that he does not surround himself with black women.The one in the pink is not black, get out of here with that bullshit. Then on top of that, there are four other men in the picture. SMH.

  7. This is a very sad commentary on how desperate some black women are these women should be glad their not being whored out to these niggas who view women as nothing but objects and trophies to be had and used like tissue once their done I say let em’ have it!

  8. Every white bitch trying to be black..SMFH…..if their parents could see them now….

  9. I don’t understand what was the point of posting a pic of the four black guys,was he accused of not liking black guys? πŸ˜•

  10. If the man wants him a snow bunny, fine by me. I’d probably feel some type of way if he went out of his way to stop black women from getting on the yacht though.

    I’m with Jay on ball players getting more spotlight than they deserve. I can remember how they were treated like royalty in school, even the staff sucked up to them.

  11. I’ll never get why we as a society (mostly Americans) idolize and revere athletes so much. even from little league these dudes are put on pedestals and they slide by everything because they can shoot or throw a ball.

    An intelligent athlete is few and far between and they rarely have any redeeming qualities besides a psychotic charm that draws people in, and yet we put more money into sports while actual academic and fine arts get cut steadily.

    I could give a fuck less what kind of women he has around him, but showing two darker shades of women is the equivalent of a racist white person saying “I have black friends”.

    1. Some people need some significantly rich (not necessarily wealthy) and successful to live through to help them cope with their underwhelming lives. These people are usually afraid to take control of their lives.

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