Kyrie Irving Clapback to your Clapbacks

tumblr_o8qujokAAn1rruxogo1_1280so everyone is talking about kyrie irving again.
not even because of the cleveland cavaliers championship win.
no one cares how kyrie played this season.
hell his pipe print lasted a day.
everyone is talking about this:

a celebratory yacht party he threw with nothing but snow bunnies.
the real talk is his alleged love for:

damn near white

well kyrie decided to clapback to your clapbacks.
this is what he put up on his instagram
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The “If You Had A Coochie In This Situation” Question (1)

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.52.14 PMsoooooo…
i saw this video and had to ask myself:

what would i do if i had a coochie in this situation?”

so as you know,
or didn’t,
the cleveland cavaliers won the ’16 championship last weekend.
of course,
they decided to celebrate.
they went to las vegas to get turnt.
“bodega meat” baller wolf,
j.r. smith,
decided to take his bottle of champagne and…
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Work Your Way Into Celebrating Like A “Gold Digga”

party_emojii am a worker.
i work very hard to try and get from point a to b
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Whitney Gets To Celebrate Finally


Whitney recorded this song with Jordin Sparks before she died.
The track is called “Celebrate“, and it will be featured on the Sparkle soundtrack…

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We are at the halfway mark of WOLF MEAT boys…

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