Work Your Way Into Celebrating Like A “Gold Digga”

party_emojii am a worker.
i work very hard to try and get from point a to b

i have reached some of the most treacherous heights on my mountain.
the jungles and wilderness haven’t been any better.
sometimes i have slipped,
i even fell a few times.
i have always picked myself up and started climbing again.
in my journey,
i have been victorious.
you don’t know how many jackals and beasts i have battled.
the times i was hungry and cold.
the many times i was cornered and had to fight my way out of darkness.
those are the things that have made me who i am today.
the thing is that i don’t celebrate my victories.
i just keep working and climbing.
ive been putting my focus on the things i don’t have.
no acknowledgement into all the things i have conquered.
see that’s the problem.
you can’t just work and not celebrate.
we aren’t robots.
celebration doesn’t need to be a big hurrah either.
it can be between good friends or just “you”.
 buy something.
get a cake and throw a candle on it.
give yourself “cheers” with a glass of champagne.
have a spa day and pamper yourself for all your hard work.
it doesn’t need to be extravagant.
it could just be treating yourself to an ice cream cone.
 celebrate every win big or small.

“i got a raise”
“i got retweeted from a celeb i stan for”
“i got over that asshole”
“i moved to start my life over”
“i got fired from that hell hole”
“i finally met the wolf/hybrid/fox of my dreams”
“I’m ready and i finally learned”

when you start doing that,
it starts a new way of living.
a “gold digga” lifestyle.
you start to attract winning and winners into your life.
a true gold digga gets rewarded for even the smallest victories.
who doesn’t like that?


11 thoughts on “Work Your Way Into Celebrating Like A “Gold Digga”

  1. I definitely learned from this post, I always have on my mind The goals I need to accomplish and the points I need to reach. I never stop and look at all the small things done because I never saw any purpose and. Every day I wake up, and see another day, drive my car, go to my job, have money on me and food in my stomach is an accomplishment and a blessing from God.

  2. This is the truth man. It was good to see that you are realizing the things you have a achieved.

  3. I feel you on this one J!

    we are used to battling that we even forgot to celebrate ourselves. I told you about this new job I got at one of the companies you love ( a little clue: your laptop). It’s a job that I’ve been praying for, but as you as soon as I got the job I was already back on the battlefield to tackle my next challenge until the people at my church made me realize that it was a miracle.

    He took me a hot minute to realize that it was in fact an answered prayer and here I was not even giving myself a tap on the back, because God knows how hard it is to work for that company, ready to go for blood on my next challenge.

    Sending you some LOVE and POSITIVE vibes all the way from TX!!!

  4. Yea you should definitely celebrate your victories, I mean, why the hell not? But I definitely believe you shouldn’t brag about it because that shit is rude and it always seem to bite you in the ass when you brag too much.

    1. ^yeah bragging is not cool.
      that crosses the line to arrogant.
      speaking of your victories and your talents should not be bragging unless the person listening is insecure.
      to insecure people,
      everyone is bragging.

      1. Oh yes! You gotta be careful on who you celebrate your victories with, especially with the jackals and hyenas because they will go high and down to destroy your victory because they are the most insecure of them all.

  5. I love this jamari! I have been so hard to graduate from high school on time with my class that I really wasn’t taking time out to celebrate my many victories this year. So last night I binged watched four episodes of Empire on demand! Lol

  6. No better words have been written, you are speaking my my feelings of the last four years I made it over the crush that had me be a gone man, but God had a plan to get rid of people in my life who were my enemy ‘s but came as a friend,he also put me in the place of my mountain that people who are not equal to me and to what he has for me can not reach , I am changed because of grace, I too am waiting on my true love someone who has my back and is real, loves God as I love God, trust God is setting your life up for the blessing, can not be blessed without going through tough times, people , enemy ‘s who come as friends, continue to be a blessing and know that the universe will return to you all you have given. Love to your blog and to the people in the struggle.

    1. ^thank you joe!

      You are on the right path.
      you just need to recognize it and you will continue to go higher.
      everything that happens,
      good and bad,
      Is a way forward if you let it.
      stay up!

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