MCM (Let Me Watch U)

tumblr_static_wolflush11“i wait for you to come online.
to tweet.
post a picture.
to say something.
i watch from afar,
but i feel like i know you.
i think about you all the time.
you actually make me so hot.
you know how many times i imagined you eatin’ me?
fuckin’ me?
more times that i can count.
i don’t even know you,
but i like you.
i just know your name.
nothing else…”

being online has given us the opportunity to crush a lot harder.
i know it has for me.
instead of seeing this wolf on the street,
and holding onto the mental snap shot,
i can now head to his instagram and screen shot his image.
he doesn’t even have to fuck my brains out.
i can look at his shirtless pictures and use my imagination.
the thing is that these images of the wolves i want,
we want,
are allowing us to live vicariously through a fantasy.
this new age of being legal stalkers is easier than having the person 4real.
ya know…

i was looking at a few of these wolves,
mostly attentionistos,
and had to wonder how many of them have fucked a fox before?
how many wear a “wolf” mask,
but truly only seek out a good and hard pounding?
even if it was only to get his dick sucked/suck a dick?
its easy to fool the world with “straight” facades.
derek tramel posted this a while ago and it rang true:
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.12.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.12.50 PMcould it be you?
this is a new era of hiding in plain sight.
like in real life,
its not hard to get the wolf of your fantasies.
hyenas and jackals do it all the time.
doesn’t it always seem the rabid queen is in the “right place; right pipe”?

alice-in-wonderland-confusingwell dms and kiks are the new way to get what you want.
it just depends if your pics and follower count are acceptable enough.

13 thoughts on “MCM (Let Me Watch U)

  1. I’m tired of all these dudes on instagram man. I’ve become a lil bored as of late with them. Not even gonna lie. Tired of all of them.

  2. My thing is, a common characteristic of these instagram stars is there isn’t much depth to them!

    I feel like their conversation and thought process would be dry and underdeveloped.

    Anyone who’s instagram account consists of pictures with them mostly showing off their body is most likely advertising what they perceive to be important about them.

    When they try to write pseudo-intellectual captions under their thot pics it’s even worse. Lol

    1. Bro, you have hit the nail on the head. I had to LOL on what you said about the captions on those THOT pics, you know the Gram all too well, this all so very true. Many dudes that I followed where because they were good looking with great bodies, but thanks to the foxhole showing off so many dudes, I think my filter is off kilter LoL, they just dont impress me like they use too, and I have turned into a gym junkie myself and have changed my own body and disappointingly the sky has not open up to me, bringing me riches and a new sense of higher self as most of the Gram fronters would have you to believe. If you start paying attention to the type of comments and types of pictures you start to realize that these dudes are wack AF and only transformed themselves into these super stars recently, and now they have a platform of thirsty followers who blow their head up. As I have said on here now at least 100 times, how many damn daily shirtless pics can you take in your draws to show your gains to your followers. You have a deep need for attention. I notice that most of them will only allude to a female they are dating by showing the V-Day gift or the plate they ate at dinner but not the actual female. They should do a college course called the THOTS of Instagram/Vine/Twitter/Facebook, you can learn alot about human behavior of Attention seeking THOTS on these platforms.

      1. ^ ” I notice that most of them will only allude to a female they are dating by showing the V-Day gift or the plate they ate at dinner but not the actual female.”

        the biggest red flag.

      2. I know exactly what you mean man! I first started working out just to have more options available, but these dudes with nice bodies are still single as hell, with nothing to keep them warm but a few hundred likes and dm’s with nothing but sexual undertones.

        Now the gym is just my release. My way of improving my damn self. If these people devote sooo much of their lives to the affirmation of others, imagine how they’ll be when it all stops? lol

        I definitely have to trade nutrition/fitness tips with you sometime though!

  3. Getting sucked into that fantasy world is a setup for disappointment.

    A lot of these dudes are fronting and getting caught up in the hype can be unhealthy.

    1. ^i think a majority of these guys,
      about 95%,
      are just flings.
      many of them are insecure and only good sexually.
      and even that can be confusion.

      1. Some of them may not be that good sexually, Jamari!
        They need the attention that is lavished on them, thus they post all of these revealing pics…yet have the audacity to get mad when they get comments from the “unintended” audience.
        Meanwhile they’re probably privately entertaining comments and suggestions.
        I look at a lot of these guys and I say, damn they look good and the body is on point…but a part of me also says that the stroke game might be whack as hell. LOL

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