they use to say pussy was the downfall of males,
but i’m here to font in 2022:

whether it is pussy or bussy,
is the downfall of males.

for vixens (and some males too),
dick seems to knock the common sense out of powerful vixens too.
body parts are killing careers and people nowadays.
easy sex should always be a red flag on an app.
we should always avoid the free lunch because there is a catch attached.
aadrian evelyn of la promised his victims a free lunch and well…


i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (109)

it’s good to see everyone getting involved in online skits.
who knew the jailbirds were doing the same while being locked up?
how they got phones is beyond me,
but i won’t ask any questions.
check out this skit with folks behind bars via “flyheight“…

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stop stalking me

its one thing to watch someone you’re interested in on social media.
i’m guilty of this.
we all are.
in this social media forest,
if the person’s page is public,
you can pretty much witness the peep show that is “their life“.
we wake up and go to bed with you.
we know what you like to eat and where you work out.
we know when you’re single and when you’re in a relationship.
with enough sleuthing,
we can figure out whose cheeks you’re clapping/clapping your cheeks.
it’s all good when it’s on your phone or laptop,
but when someone starts getting obsessed and it’s takes it offline

…that’s where the problem is born.
cutie and attentionisto,
mar’lo poindexter,
has a stalker.
he addressed it on his ig stories
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how do you think your past are doing? (let’s go stalk them and find out!)

sometimes i think about him.
work wolf.
i remember a lot of folks from my past.
the ones who hurt me.
the ones who i didn’t get closure for the failed “whatever”.
there is a side of me that wants to see what they’re doing.
are they doing well?
jobless like me?
rich af and living their best lives?

fat with about 20 cubs?
i can admit my faults and  extreme pettiness.
can you?
so i did the unfathomable yesterday…

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Font Shit; Get Hit (Yusaf Mack)

well yusaf mack is back on the attack!
ya know,
online hyenas are funny.
they will font keystrokes of of shit,
but when you see them in public,
there is nothing to be said.
there was a hyena who has been harassing yusaf online.
i guess he thought because yusaf is gay,
he was some sort of pussy.
well yusaf saw him in the barber shop and all hell broke loose.
a vix-bi sent me the story via tmz sports
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They Are Trying To Break Gabby Douglas

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.06.41 PMi don’t like what is happening with gabby douglas.
this poor gymast vixen has been through way too much in her young life.
she went to rio to compete in the olympics and it has been nothing but drama.
you go in her twitter mentions and it’s even more confusion.
i don’t get it.
unfortunately in the olympics,
she didn’t make it anything further like her teammates,
but she did address all of the social media criticisms she has been facing.
well this is more of the story via the washington post
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