stop stalking me

its one thing to watch someone you’re interested in on social media.
i’m guilty of this.
we all are.
in this social media forest,
if the person’s page is public,
you can pretty much witness the peep show that is “their life“.
we wake up and go to bed with you.
we know what you like to eat and where you work out.
we know when you’re single and when you’re in a relationship.
with enough sleuthing,
we can figure out whose cheeks you’re clapping/clapping your cheeks.
it’s all good when it’s on your phone or laptop,
but when someone starts getting obsessed and it’s takes it offline

…that’s where the problem is born.
cutie and attentionisto,
mar’lo poindexter,
has a stalker.
he addressed it on his ig stories

mar’lo has 19k followers on his ig.
who knows who else is a psycho within that cluster.
as much as we get likes and interest for our pictures and videos,
we don’t stop to think these are legit strangers with this much access to us.
the character joe from “you” on netlfix is not fictional.
it can be a real situation.

when you allow the world into your life on social media,
the gates are pretty much open.
stalkers and raccoons (aka trolls) literally have easy access in.
they can figure out where you work,
which gym you attend,
who your family/friends are,
and even where you live.
this is why it’s important to not put every single detail of your life online.
stop tagging the places you are or making it easy to gps your crib.
someone taught me to put up pics and videos after i’ve left.
you gotta be careful out here mang.
you don’t have security guards to protect you in these forests.
please stay vigilant.

20 thoughts on “stop stalking me

  1. This is why I do my best to avoid any personal identifiers, info about where I work, home address, alla that on SM. Removed the geo-location from my pics (make sure you turn that off), and often don’t post vacation pics until I return (unless someone is home). It’s as mess – and women have it worse than we do.

  2. Social media has cultivated an addiction to followers and likes. Period. But lets call it what it is. Validation from strangers. Posting strangers to your house, to your job, to your favorite restaurant. Anyone who cares to notice, who cares to look. Boom! They know your dating life, your favorite places, and sometimes your full name. All because your invited the strangers on IG.

    Some “influencer” said to me, ‘you dont even have a thousand followers’ as if it were an insult. And I was like df? The people I “let” follow me I know every single one in “real life”.

  3. Had a couple of stalkers in my life (both sexes) but the creepiest one was one dude I dated when I turned thirty. He kept showing up at my job and didn’t seem familiar. Turns out when things eventually progressed to like the fourth date he took me to his house and showed me a video from a ski trip SEVEN years earlier. I literally had forgotten I went on that trip with work friends. Dude was like taping me the whole time while on the trip. I mean I lived in a completely different city back then. Dude held on to all that for that long. I was creeped out. I think I may have said like two sentences to him the whole time I was on the trip. Who does that?

  4. You all say this now but when he’s attractive, call it aggression and assertion.

    Marlo I recognize from gay web series. He needs to arm himself. The stalker is beyond dangerous and security needs to be alerted as well as filibg a restraining order.

      1. If an attentionisto broke into your place and set up candles and roses, you’d call the cops?

        1. ^HELL TF YEAH.

          i’m not desperate enough to allow a break in with some candles c.
          if we were dating,
          some random stranger in my crib waiting for me with candles?

          y’all would drag me if i wrote that entry of how i was okay with that.

  5. That’s why people need to check their narcissism at the door and not post everything all day. If you’re not an actual public figure don’t act like you are in Instagram. I always say crazy attracts crazy..

    1. Crazy does not attract crazy. That’s how victims get blamed. Crazy goes after vulnerable targets. They’re emotional predators.

  6. I had once a random guy email me, and I don’t know who he is but he would randomly ask me to go out with him, no picture, sent a dick pic and ask to be his valentine…stalker maybe?! People are weird like that.

      1. That’s what I’m wondering…I don’t put my email out there…prob some lame hacker, iono!

        1. That’s the thing. You could have posted it YEARS ago and they saced it. Randomly got an email from someone who’d saved it from 2 years ago saying theyd been waiting. I also found out my yahoo email was hacked and I’m part of some settlement. Clicked the link and it had my email, previous passwords and are sold to advertisers. They pay for our info. Even had some giuy say he’d accessed my webcam and would send video of me beating off to my fam and friends unless I sent him money.

          Hackers feel like gods. Never catch the eye of someone who used to work for Google.

  7. I would be mortified. Anyone who goes that far to follow you has a few screws loose, and had the audacity to say he loved him. There is too much to unpack.

    1. ^wayyyyyy too much to unpack.
      even if the stalker was cute,
      ima need him not to be showing up at my job.

      how the hell did he know where he worked?!

      1. Smh! Crazy! I wish someone would…come try to follow me on my job…you’ll be broke from buying tickets and be on TSA’s suspicious radar! People need to learn to separate the social media fantasy from actual reality!

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