lebron james loves his man bags and aubrey huff is gonna have to learn to deal

lebron james is an alpha wolf,
you read me?
he has a strong presence that cannot be denied.
this video of him walking turned me inside out the other day…

the bow legs.
the stride.
the tail.
the bde.

i didn’t even peep or care about his little man-bag in his hand.
well this jackal did:

his name is aubrey huff and he is a “protestor of toxic masculinity“.
well this is what he had to say about king james

ooooh someone is mad

when i did further investigating,
especially about the kneeling part,
i realized he is #maga adjacent.
nuff said.

look a man-bag doesn’t define a male.
there are plenty of males who have backpacks on and are gay or bi af.
there are males who chop down trees,
drive fast cars,
play ball,
and do other “masculine” shit and are attracted to the same sex.
i want to go the shooting range to let off a few rounds than most gays would be interested.

Future bae.
Add a note to self.
“Date night at the shooting range”.

everyone’s version of masculinity is different and that’s okay.
i never take those who love their “toxic masculinity” seriously because there is always something.
hidden beneath all that rage tends to be a unhappy homo wanting to be let loose.
he is getting fucked like a bitch overlooking the ocean at a sheraton.
that or a raging psychopath who needs to be put on the watch list.
leave lebron and his man-bags alone.
he ain’t bothering no one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “lebron james loves his man bags and aubrey huff is gonna have to learn to deal”

  1. I’ll put it like this…he fuckin’ with the WRONG one!! Lebron doesn’t hold his tongue.
    Looks like someone trying to get some attention for their podcast.

  2. I’m with you on all aspects on this “Black God” called Lebron James ( smile)

    Plus …..add he’s a caring ,giving ,a great father, faithful and smart.. . He is one of my ultimate catches!!!!

  3. This man is attracted to LJ, toxic masculinity my Ass! When you’re as fine and rich as LJ you can dress anyway you like. Who is this guy anyway? A non motherfucking factor! Last time I checked this is a free country. GTFOH country bama bumpkin! Come on out Aubrey! You then you won’t be so angry.

  4. When I saw this, I thought it looked nice on him. Not a lot of men can pull that off. The haters always having something to say.

  5. He’s prob cross dressing behind closed door to be taking how a man should or should not dress. Girl bye!

  6. What does masculinity have to do with kneeling? For people who claim to not see color and say don’t make everything about race, they sure make everything about race.

    A White man speaking on masculinity is laughable. Name a White man more maaculine than Denzel Washington? We are literally the ideal man and have a whole genre of porn based on White men wanting us to dominate their women. If he doesn’t shut the cuck up. They picked the biggest, strongest of us to sodomize during chattel slavery due to being so threatened. Throughout history, we are referred to as the ideal by philosphers and poets. We have an unimitatable energy and presence. Even coons. It’s innate.

    What happened to being strong and silent so when you do speak, people listen to your wisdom? smh

  7. Leave it to a pale face to say how another man should dress or what he should do it’s not your place it’s the new style you dont like it fuck you period

  8. LeBron James exudes confidence and masculinity. He is sexy AF, and watching him mature into a successful man and athlete has been really impressive . When he wore that Thom Browne shorts suit I creamed. The Yt toxic DL creep is probably waking up to dreams of LJ and other brothers kneeling on his ass. At a deeper level, though, man Yt people hate Black people having a voice, holding any kind of power, resisting and speaking up and out, and just living our lives without centering them. It enrages them. More power to all of these athletes and anyone else who is fighting for Black people and Black freedom. Black Lives Matter!

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