stripping, male back breakin’, and songs made for you (meet me over at p-valley)

this is for us.

You ever been in a situation where after all the flirting,
eye fuckin,
and the light touches on your bawdy,
you FINALLY got the dick from “that dude you was feeling heavy”?

it’s like damn what took you so long to cum and align my chakras?
the vibes between you both was so right,
the sex was out of this world.
i’m patiently waiting on my wolf to come drop that dick off in me,
but this ain’t about me,
this is about “p-valley” on starz.
foxhole i’m obsessed.

The Pynk is a popular strip club in Mississippi, where intrigue abounds when the mysterious Autumn is welcomed by Mercedes, the dancer, and Uncle Clifford, the club’s discreet owner.

in last night’s episode called the trap(with spoilers)…

Uncle Clifford got his back broke by Lil Murda!

ugh it was hot.
he bent him over the record machine and fucked him the way he needed to be fucked.
what else was hot was that mississippi was dancing on the main stage.

sidebar: the actress who plays mississippi is gorgeous.
everyone in this cast is gorgeous.

they spliced both scenes together and i had to laugh because i know the straights were TITE.
in one scene is stripper booty cheeks and other is man on man action.
i’m sure it was a bisexual’s wet dream.
the vixens on this show turn me on so i had no issue with it.
katori hall,
who is the showrunner for “p-valley”,
had this to tweet about the scene:

omg when lil murda spit on his dick before he entered uncle clifford,
i was outta here.
i love that she addressed this and it makes the show that much better.
please check out “p-valley” on starz.
i doubt you’ll be disappointed.
even the soundtrack is dope af:

i nearly threw a social distancing party when i got word they were renewed for a second season.
p-valley” comes on starz every sunday at 8pm.

lowkey: if a wolf i’m feeling tell me he made a song or a playlist on spotify…

my foxhole pums will be on deck to be violated.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “stripping, male back breakin’, and songs made for you (meet me over at p-valley)”

  1. Meanwhile Mercedes was whooping her mama’s ass for taking all of Mercedes’ money and using it to buy a building right out from under her!!! Mercedes went full “Bitch betta have my money!!” on her trifling no-good mama!!

  2. i smelled the sex scene with lil.murda was coming..but it sho did cum quick. P Valley is slowly giving the characters alot of depth..

  3. Baby, this my SHOW!!! I love me some Lil’ Murda! That scene was so beautifully done with Mississippi and Uncle Clifford/Lil Murda coming together. I’m so glad that they were renewed for another season. 😊💜✨✨✨

  4. OMG…….I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! This was filmed only in Atlanta. Lol I helped my friend get on a couple of the episodes. Andre Hilton does the casting for this in Atlanta. I love Atlanta.

  5. Jamari, hun, did you peep Mississippi’s baby daddy [SPOILER!!!!] is white? Chile, when Diamond gets ahold of his ass, it’s a done deal. You know he don’t play about her.

      1. That’s why her beautiful, slow ass is so damn colorist. She got that man beating on her and filling her head with that foolishness all while lowering her self esteem. Smh. Taking Mercedes spot as the new It girl will surely give her back the confidence she needs to claim her spot and step on the throne, though.

  6. I heard my friend Kevin Savage that grew up with my brothers makes a cameo up here. He’s the one I told you about years ago who moved to the ATL to pursue a modeling and acting career. I have to watch it

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