straight males shouldn’t be watching p-valley?

i hate when i go back to something and it’s been deleted.
the tweet was from she-jackal and she said:

“Straight men shouldn’t be watching P-Valley.”

of course,
my whole head shot back like russell westbrook.

first off…
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stripping, male back breakin’, and songs made for you (meet me over at p-valley)

this is for us.

You ever been in a situation where after all the flirting,
eye fuckin,
and the light touches on your bawdy,
you FINALLY got the dick from “that dude you was feeling heavy”?

it’s like damn what took you so long to cum and align my chakras?
the vibes between you both was so right,
the sex was out of this world.
i’m patiently waiting on my wolf to come drop that dick off in me,
but this ain’t about me,
this is about “p-valley” on starz.
foxhole i’m obsessed.

The Pynk is a popular strip club in Mississippi, where intrigue abounds when the mysterious Autumn is welcomed by Mercedes, the dancer, and Uncle Clifford, the club’s discreet owner.

in last night’s episode called the trap(with spoilers)…
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