straight males shouldn’t be watching p-valley?

i hate when i go back to something and it’s been deleted.
the tweet was from she-jackal and she said:

“Straight men shouldn’t be watching P-Valley.”

of course,
my whole head shot back like russell westbrook.

first off…

the only “gay” thing in that show is uncle clifford and his relationship with lil murda.
beyond that,
the show caters to everything straight males would like.

Pretty Vixens
Pretty Vixens titties
Pretty Vixens butt cheeks
Pretty Vixens stripping

even during a sex scene with uncle clifford and lil murda,
mississippi was on stage doing her thing.

i appreciate the female form,
but her stripping was clearly not for me.
was this show supposed to be for vixens only?
i’m confused.

this is why homophobia is so rampant.
this is why you can’t be gay and have platonic friendships with straight males.
being straight comes with so many rules.
often times,
i feel sorry for some straight males.
everything they do is sus to their straightness.
i remember when the days i was trying to prove i was straight.
good times.
i acted all offended if anything gay came on the screen,
but realistically,
i was very much intrigued and tried to block it out by sports or “straight shit”.
i loved how i was “straight”,
but had britney spears and other sus albums in my cd collection.
it’s a shame folks can’t enjoy a good show without being judged.

even watching it in the privacy of their own homes,
bullies on social media are still making some feel like they aren’t men.
i’m glad i’m at a place in my life where i can genuinely say:

“Fuck you.”

…for trying to make me feel less than a man.
the bigger question is:

What is a “man” anyway?
What is a “straight” man anyway?

having muscles?
gawkin’ at ass and titties?
i’ve dealt with males who watched and played sports,
had muscles,
and gawked at ass and titties too.

i appreciate everything that katori hall,
her team,
and each and every one of the talent has put into this show.
my gay ass is a stan and i know many straight males who are too.

lowkey: uncle clifford is def one of my fav characters.
she shows strength and runs tf out the pynk.
i’m inspired just watching nicco annan play her.

12 thoughts on “straight males shouldn’t be watching p-valley?

  1. See its the closeted suppressed gays in denial who not comfortable with their sexuality, and I do apologize if that offended anybody but my statement is referring to him making that statement, who say dumb shit like this. He probably seen the episode where Lil Murda put it on Clifford. P Valley is the first show I’ve seen where the gays, the straights can watch this and not be offended. All that ass and titties on the show, phone sex, all kinds of freaky shit going on; that’s right up a straight man alley! Clifford and Lil’ Murda not even the main story! Shit they show equal amount of dicks on the show too. I wasn’t expecting to see Obama dick on hard swinging like that. I guess he like watching shows like Spartacus

  2. Women who say things like this think a real man is someone who beats them, treats them like shit, and doesn’t wipe in between his ass cheeks

  3. Notice it’s only us black people who have these type of feelings, but yet it’s white racist who are detrimental to our race as a whole!

  4. It’s good tv and it doesn’t matter if your a male/female/non-binary or straight/lgbtqia. Enjoy it and watch it. That was just some bird clucking for attention.

  5. I bet money that comment came from a ghetto bird. Since she wants to be black and white. 70% of P valley is ass and titties. So straight women shouldn’t be watching it either.

    Anyway thank you hailey for saving the PANK.

  6. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard! I have two brothers that I know are “straight” & watch it faithfully. My youngest brother & his wife turned me on to the show. Gtfoh with that stupid shit! We got police for everything nowadays! Smmfh! The stuff people say for clout!

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