niecy nash didn’t “come out”; she decided to “go in”

the dynamics between males and female sexuality is interesting to me.
it almost comes off like one big ass contradiction as well.
i was reading the “people” article in regards to niecy nash and her marriage to jessica betts.
in regards to it being a “coming out“,
she said…

“[My marriage] has absolutely nothing to do with gender and it has everything to do with her soul,” Nash, who divorced her second husband Jay Tucker in March, says of Betts. “She is the most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life.”

“I was not suppressing my sexuality my whole life,” she adds of the her decision to marry Betts, which came as a shock to fans. “I love who I love. At one point in my life, I married twice and I love those people. And today I love this person. I’ve done everything I wanted to do on my own terms and my own way. So my choice now in a partner has nothing to do with who I’ve always been. It’s a matter of who I am in this moment.”

“I don’t feel like my marriage is my coming out of anywhere, but rather a going into myself and being honest about who I love,” she shares. “And I’m not limiting myself on what that love is supposed to look like.”

if a male said that about his love for another male,
it would be pure bacchanal in these forests.
now that they’re getting deeper into this…

She was divorced in March and married in 5 months?

niecy goes on to say…

“[Jessica] and I were friends, but I never saw her as someone I would date,” says Nash, “I loved her before I was in love with her because she is such a special human being,” says Nash. “But we began to see each other in a way we never had before. Sometimes you get so broken by love, you run from it. But I’ve learned that you should always hold space for magic because it can happen at any time.”

i love niecy,
but this screams “rebound” to me.

for many vixens,
they get caught up in lesbian relationships for the moment.
speaking as a male,
we can be a hot buttered mess.
it’s very similar to how we get when we fuck around with dl males.
dick a dykes” is what my lesbian friend calls these lovely gals.
the difference is some vixens leap faster into relationships than some gay males do.
some will move in and play house until they start craving dick again.
i hope that isn’t the case for niecy because the end results will be tragic.
i wish them well.

article cc: people

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “niecy nash didn’t “come out”; she decided to “go in””

  1. More power to Niecy Nash. She’s a great actress and comedian and I’m glad that she’s happy.

    Her stud wife could get it too!

  2. She’s been divorced for at least a year – it didn’t become official until earlier this year. Who knows if she’s ever had attractions to women before? Plus Jessica gives off masculine energy, so…yeah.

    But yeah, a guy wouldn’t get the same grace; but if he was fine, I’m sure the girls would be lamenting like our sapphic sisters were all over SM when this was announced lol

    That said, I feel like Jessica has been around long enough to know if this was a phase/rebound – even if Niecy didn’t. I wish them the best.

  3. Hey guys. First and foremost Neicy and her husband separated October 30, 2019 (Well the story broke on Oct 30,2019). We don’t know how long they have been living separately. They didn’t file for divorce in 2020.The divorce was finalized in 2020. I understand how the optics look but we don’t know how long they’ve known each other. Just remember this is her life. All we can do is supports her.

  4. Damn … can way be a lil more optimistic. This is why the “L” and the “G” (and the rest of the letters) don’t get along. Most of us are indoctrinated with hetero norms. And, not all queer lives look the same (shit, not all gay sex looks the same … and I’m about man on man sex).

    Still, can we exhibit some grace to Nicey? I agree with the above statement that the shelf life of this “entanglement” more than likely is short. It does seem hasty; and having a stud- lesbian sister has showed me that the “L” crew moves fast (joint accounts after 2 weeks in a relationship fast).

    Yet, I advocate for letting her have her moment. She isn’t problematic like most in (Black) Hollywood, and she was brave enough to share her truth.

    Plus, she reminds me of that cool older-cousin u call “Auntie” who buys u sneakers for Christmas. Let my boo live.

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