niecy nash didn’t “come out”; she decided to “go in”

the dynamics between males and female sexuality is interesting to me.
it almost comes off like one big ass contradiction as well.
i was reading the “people” article in regards to niecy nash and her marriage to jessica betts.
in regards to it being a “coming out“,
she said…
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niecy nash proves that she knows how to keep a good secret

i always want my future relationships to be private.
something about sneaking around with your manz turns me on.
i love a good secret and i adore those who can keep them.
niecy nash was keeping a damn good secret about her dating life.
all this time,
i thought she was with a male.
“you thought” because
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i has a nice ring to it.
so i love vidoes that bring awareness to stupidity.
as you know,
there is an epidemic going around that needs to be stopped.

White folks calling the police on blacks for no reason at all

911 was used in case of emergency.
muggings and gun shot wounds.
some white folks are calling 911 on innocent blacks minding theirs.
it really helps them live up to their “passive-aggressive” stereotype.
well “woke&b bae” tremaine (trey songz) posted the following video on his ig.
i had to share it with the foxhole because it laid me tf out.
it stars niecy nash and it’s for any scared whites out there…
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