niecy nash proves that she knows how to keep a good secret

i always want my future relationships to be private.
something about sneaking around with your manz turns me on.
i love a good secret and i adore those who can keep them.
niecy nash was keeping a damn good secret about her dating life.
all this time,
i thought she was with a male.
“you thought” because

i am blown tf away by this.
no one had any idea that she was attracted to other vixens in that way.
here she goes with a whole MARRIAGE.that’s how you do it tbh.

well i love it and i love her.
many congrats to niecy and her partner jessica.

this was the only clue from jessica:


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Happy Birthday to a Real One. 👽💫 @niecynash1 #Nicenails 😁

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i’ll allow it.

lowkey: peep this…

this is why you don’t worry about options.
your soulmate could be a whole “straight male” right now.
you just ain’t meet him yet or you have.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “niecy nash proves that she knows how to keep a good secret”

  1. Happy for them both. She always said Jessica was her favorite singer and talked about her in past social media posts. I believe Jessica sang at Niecy’s wedding anniversary party a couple years back

  2. I wonder how Neicy’s super Christian, homophobic, baby abandoning best friend Sherri Shepherd feels about this…? But you know it’s always a pass when it comes to two women but two men it’s an ABOMINATION!!!

  3. On Niecy’s page there are so many of her friends leaving comments like “Finally” “It took you forever” “I’ve being keeping this secret for so long”.Niecy’s divorce was just finalized in June but there is no way to know when their relationship evolved.When she separated from Jay they said they had become better friends than partners in marriage.I hope this marriage works out.

  4. I really hope it’s genuine on her part because Lesbians link up for life lol.

    Too many women just want a break from men (rightfully so) and take advantage of lesbian women with masculine energy that are there for them.

  5. I’m happy for her, but if her ex-husband had divorced her and married another man within a year, black twitter and social media would have dragged the shit outta him for being “downlow” and “tricking a black woman.” The horrible homophobic comments would be endless..Only women and white men get to be fluid and still be accepted.

    1. And don’t foget Latino men too. It’s only us black men that are looked down upon the most if we do same sex relationships. Sucks donkey balls.

  6. your soulmate could be a whole “straight male” right now.
    you just ain’t meet him yet or you have.

    Don’t start that mess Jamari. You’ll have these hood booglums trying to turn straight men out in quarantine, pulling down grey sweatpants at the grocery store. Cut. It. Out.

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