is teanna trump giving antonio brown the sloppy toppy supreme in this video?

it’s no surprise that baller wolves and celebs mess with porn stars on the low.
it’s easy when you’re a blue check to be pushed to the front of the line.
porn vixen,
teanna trump,
is the fantasy of many.
it’s no surprise to hear she would fuck and suck with many a baller wolf.
there is a video circulating of ^that ex baller wolf,
antonio brown,
allegedly getting sucked off by her….


i mean that is his graphic on that computer screen.

you ALREADY know…
i went snooping to see if he ever had a watch with a green band on.

he has no tatts to go off on which is smart on his part.
it could also be one of his minions getting the perks of being around antonio.
he has a nice looking pipe tho.
she is suckin on it in full hoover mode.
i mean,
she has had a ton of practice over the years.


Do you think that’s Antonio Brown in that video?

i’m feeling so.

ETA: one of the foxholers sent in this…


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8 thoughts on “is teanna trump giving antonio brown the sloppy toppy supreme in this video?”

  1. Now why would he give a full scan of the room like that?

    Didn’t he just get back with his white baby mama?

    Either he’s dumb, or that’s one of his homies.

    No offense, but Teanna will suck up anybody. She’s not really one of my favorite female pornstars.

  2. Didn’t he just get back together And have a baby with the woman he called the Police on?? I guess it’s easier to stay with someone who cheats when they have money 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Ya’ll better download it bc its not gonna be up there long. lol Esp if it is him. Whoever he is. he got a nice one on him. lol Nice length and girth. lol He got that Baby Bear dick.. Not too big and not too small. But JUST right. lol

  4. Those dramatic slurping ass noises, ahah! Bih, I can’t.
    You can perform a good oral without being so extra.

  5. No I’ve been looking at him for years his bulge is big so when hard it would be way bigger and he is darker and built

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