the last week of august sucked.

it felt like i got hit with a mack truck,
but emotionally,
for this last week of august.

it felt like i got hit at full force,
pushed off the guard rail,
rolled down a hill,
landed in a lake,
and was swept downstream towards a waterfall.
all of this in a mini cooper.
things were going well

…but the devil decided to shake up this last week of august.
this wolf i’m interested in had got me all kind of confused.
some shit went down and i don’t even know if he even wants me anymore.
this group i’m in decided to act funny style last week.
they started doing things without inviting a few of us.
it felt shady af.
that all hit me on thursday night.
i was already racing towards the pits of hell and then got news about chadwick.
that shit broke me tf up.
bad enough,
i kept reading tributes and hearing how amazing his character was.

Fuck Cancer FRFR.

i’ve lost my parentals and many other family members to cancer.
i decided to treat my phone like the states are doing the rona.
25% of my time and social distancing when needed
i needed a break from it all.
what i did do was binge “i may destroy you” on hbo max all day.


that show was a great distraction from all that i had on my mind.
i’ll font about it soon.

i’m in-between a good and bad place.
im just here today.
i hope for better and stronger days to come.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “the last week of august sucked.”

  1. “I may destroy you” Is such a great show. I binged watched it last week because I have been emotionally drained. Keep your head up Jamari!

    1. ^it has been a mess.
      i feel like many others have been feeling the same way too.
      the tears were in heavy abundance since thursday night.
      i’m clocked out.

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