the pretty vixen sent me a text.


i was scared because he has been looking really thin as of late.
i knew something was off.
movie role my ass.
my spirit was picking up that something was wrong.
even today,
i felt this heaviness in my spirit.
well we lost a good one…

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26 thoughts on “RIP CHADWICK BOSEMAN”

  1. I knew he had been looking extremely thin for over a year and I knew it was not for a role.Prayers and Condolences to his family.

  2. Yeah, we knew something was up months ago when he was looking so ill. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Smh, 2020…

  3. Black Panther in the theaters was prolific for so many young Black boys and girls. It was almost like when the Obamas won the presidency. So many of us came out in droves, and the energy was everything. I remember going to the theater with my brother and seeing it. The Experience just made me feel even more proud of being Black. Then overall his journey. He brought so many stories to life, both fiction and non fiction and did it well. GOD this hurts. He was so young. Shit only ten years older than me. SN this is the worse birthday news ever for me. Rest in Peace Chadwick i pray that his family finds peace. No more sorrow no more pain. Chadwick went on Home….

  4. RIP King 😢😢😢 I wanted so bad to be believe it for that army movie that came out, but he deserved his privacy & right to not address it, so All can say is I’m glad he’s left a legacy & was able to pass with family by his side 👑🖤

  5. So sad to hear, but it kinda upsets me that people were making jokes about him losing a lot of weight on social media back in April and I’m pretty sure the cause of that was the cancer

  6. God bless this young king I really wish he had got an oscar for james brown he really nailed it I haven’t seen black Panther now I know it will be bitter sweet when I do I sincerely hope hes at peace in paradise life is a blessing

  7. Man, I got to meet him last fall and meeting him he was a very spiritual and humble individual but I never questioned his appearance because I though he was just being himself aside from the lime light image. This is hitting me all different kind of ways!! May he rest in peace, he left us too soon like Aaliyah.

  8. I really feel it for this young man. At 43 to have to succumb to Cancer is soo sad.. I guess the only way I can put a positive light on tbis is the knowledge that we have his work and that will memorialize him. I heard from a couple of young people that met him while touring to promote The Movie tgat he’s very nice and approachable.. genuine.. RIP.. really sad.

  9. the shear resolve and inner strength of this man to continue to make several movies after being diagnosed in 2016 is simply amazing. the will and fortitude to persevere. knowing his journey now just makes the roles even more powerful. he left an astounding legacy of work which will live on forever

  10. This hurt! My first film I did was with Chadwick Get on Up. On set he was so cool, nice and laid back. He was so down to earth. On the same set was Nelsan Ellis Lafayette on that HBO show. I pray his family finds comfort. He brought so much hope and admiration to boys and girls in Black Panther they seen themselves as something more. I was so excited when my lil buddy got a call back to be one of the basketball kids in the beginning of the film. It’s time we as a people come together more than ever and set aside our differences and love one another.

  11. I remembered when he appeared and the tongues started wagging. I thought he was preparing for a role but he was a stronger brother than I thought.

    He had cancer all that time and he knew his time was limited and yet he kept that to himself and his family. In a country where your privacy is never private, for him to keep this under the wraps…WOW….maximum respects Chadwick.

    Rest in Power brother. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspir9ng billions of black people worldwide. .

    WOW..1 🙏

  12. They better not try to recast him. Give Shuri a spinoff or give Storm a film. Just like they say only RDJ can play Iron Man and Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, he WAS Black Panther.
    Rest in Power, T’challa!

  13. This death is hitting me the way Prince & Kobe’s death hit me. A sudden death with a talent that has so much life and was far from done. I saw him months ago and i was hoping he was alright and I prayed for him, then to hear this just breaks my heart.

    King, Rest In Peace & Power good & faithful servant 🌹

  14. Thank you Chadwick for helping show the world that Beauty,Strength and Pride comes in All Shades !

    Prayers to his loved ones and may his spirit soar !

  15. Prayers to his family and loved ones. Another one “gone too soon”, but he left a fantastic legacy for us to remember…

  16. My deepest condolences to Chadwick Boseman’s family and friends. He did more in four years, fighting this terrible battle, than many do in an entire career, and his roles are iconic. He also always seemed to be there for fans, and never put Black people second. I remember first seeing him in the Jackie Robinson biopic and thinking, who is this fine brotha. He has given us so much, especially as Black Panther. May he rest in peace and power!

  17. I just cant. After the passing of Whitney my heart was torn to shreds. And I promised that I will NEVER be that emotionally involve with another celebrity ever again. But, here we go. And here I am with real tears. Damn, this hit like the night I heard about Whitney. I was left breathless. REST NOW, CHADWICK!

  18. CBS Evening News said two weeks ago Chadwick signed on to produce a TV series about the “Little Rock Nine” (school desegregation).He was always selecting projects that told black stories,stories that celebrated us,stories that uplifted and inspired.

    Rest Well

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