“how to make someone’s passing about you” taught by omari hardwick

i’ve fonted it quite a few times:

Omari Hardwick ain’t Ghost from “Power”

ghost made so many weird decisions before his death,
they might be one in the same.
omari had a very strange tribute for the late chadwick boseman…
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the pretty vixen sent me a text.


i was scared because he has been looking really thin as of late.
i knew something was off.
movie role my ass.
my spirit was picking up that something was wrong.
even today,
i felt this heaviness in my spirit.
well we lost a good one…
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yeah, something is up with chadwick boseman

so i fonted about chadwick boseman‘s dramatic weight loss in ( x this entry ).
something was off with black panther and i felt it.
chadwick was admitted to the hospital yesterday…
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can someone explain to me what’s going on with black panther (chadwick boseman)?

when i was working at “the plantation”,
which was my last job,

i lost a lot of weight due to stress and anxiety.
i was throwing up all my food after i ate anything.
at my going away party,
i saw a picture of me and cried.

I was so skinny

since i’ve been unemployed and relatively stress-free,
i’m back to looking healthy again.
so i wasn’t in the mood tonight,
but a vix-bi sent me something i couldn’t ignore.
chadwick boseman has been getting pretty slim since “black panther”.
this latest video that he posted on his ig,
which he was sharing how he was giving back on “jackie robinson day”,
in which he played in the movie “42“.
it was a wonderful message,
but i was so distracted on how he looked in the video…

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In The Land of the Humble Celebrities (Urbanworld 2017)

before i start:

i want to thank the f-bi and those at “urban world film festival” for the invite to this wonderful event

i was so grateful for the opportunity and it showed me exactly where i want to belong.
okay now that’s done,
let’s continue…

so a f-bi sent me an email to attend the screening of the mid season premiere of one of my favorite shows,
“queen sugar”.
i saw that it would have a q&a with the cast at the end of it.
you didn’t have to tell me twice.
i sent an email and got a rsvp invite (+1) instantly.
since i was talking to the pretty vixen at the time,
i asked her if she wanted to attend with me.
when we got there

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Black Panther? More Like Black Power!

did ya’ll see the teaser trailer for marvel’s,
“black panther”??!?!?!?!?
well let me show you…
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