In The Land of the Humble Celebrities (Urbanworld 2017)

before i start:

i want to thank the f-bi and those at “urban world film festival” for the invite to this wonderful event

i was so grateful for the opportunity and it showed me exactly where i want to belong.
okay now that’s done,
let’s continue…

so a f-bi sent me an email to attend the screening of the mid season premiere of one of my favorite shows,
“queen sugar”.
i saw that it would have a q&a with the cast at the end of it.
you didn’t have to tell me twice.
i sent an email and got a rsvp invite (+1) instantly.
since i was talking to the pretty vixen at the time,
i asked her if she wanted to attend with me.
when we got there

i was greeted by a nice sista who told us we had special seating for the event.


before we walked in,
i heard the pretty vixen say “hey!” and wave at someone.
when i turned around,
kofi soriboe walked by.
we will get into his impact later.
once we got into the theater:

now i won’t get too deep into the episode,
but it resumes after the engagement of darla and ralph angel.
there is a plot twist i didn’t see coming as well,
but it certainly explains why a certain character is the way they are.
it sets up all the drama that is to come for the rest of the second season.
i can’t wait for the foxhole to see it.
it premieres tuesday/wednesday,
october 3rd/4th,
at 10pm on own.
after the episode was done,
all of the cast came out…

i sensed a little shade with some of the cast and the moderator.
the moderator kinda took over,
more of her; less of them.
i must say,
ava duvernay is so beautiful in person.
she gave off a wonderful spirit.
i hate i didn’t get her full speech,
but my battery was getting disrespectful.
all of the cast look better than they do on screen.
it’s funny,
but they look so “larger than life” on tv,
but the vixens are pretty short in person.
rutina wesley (nova) and dawn-lyen gardner (charley) are short,
but it doesn’t take away from their presence.

i love that vixen said “bye charley”.

now let’s get into kofi siriboe
king koffffiiiii…
he is FINE in person.
i don’t even think the word is FINE.
i might have to add an “o” in there.
he is everything you see on “queen sugar” and “girl’s trip”.
his skin and teeth are pure HD.
he is also taller than me,
which i was shocked about.
this is all the commotion he caused once he walked out the VIP area:

one thing i loved about him:


there had to be 100+ screaming vixens in that lobby.
he had to leave at one point,
i’m guessing to go to the bathroom,
and the vixens that didn’t get pictures were pretty upset.
he said:

“Oh no,
I’m coming back.
I’m going to take pictures with everyone.”

…and that he kept his word.

that is what a humble celebrity male sex symbol acts like.
he didn’t treat his fans and supporters like shit.
even though he is introverted,
he stayed and gave them “the experience”.
i respect him for that.
i’m allowing kofi.

the pretty vixen and i went to go see “it”,
but there were still more celebrities who attended.
i saw chadwick boseman on the red carpet.

another humble celebrity that was there was mack wilds.
he was promoting his movie,
that was being shown.
he was also in the crowd and taking pictures.

whoever that reporter is in the grey,
a ton of vixens wanted to get a picture with him.
can i get an id?

the pretty vixen has met mack a few times.
she said he is really nice.
he is another one who deserves to be a celebrity as well.
i love his music and he is a pretty good actor wolf as well.

i had such an amazing time last night.
it was so god to see “us” being the majority at a film festival.
promoting our art and creativity when we are often shut out.
it was truly an inspiring situation to be in.
“urbanworld” is allowed.
it had me feeling like i belonged.
one day,
i’ll be able to go in vip areas and wherever they go afterward.
there is so much more to come,
and of course,
the foxhole will get exclusive content.
stay tuned!

low-key: i put a few things up on the foxhole’s “insta-snap” and twitter.
i’ll utilize them when i attend events for exclusive coverage.

6 thoughts on “In The Land of the Humble Celebrities (Urbanworld 2017)

  1. I’m so glad to see you in a better place and out enjoying life. See you never know what GOD has for you. A couple of months ago you were worried about what you were goin to do. Now look. The guy chilling with the rich and famous. See you never know what GOD got planned for you ahead! This not just for you but for any body thats going through somehing. Dont give up there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. I see you finally met Chadwick Boseman (Black Panter). Remember you prayed TO SEE the movie when it came out. You got something better. You got to meet the person in real life. BUT GOD (M’SHEEKA) NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM. BECAUSE HE ALWAYS SHOWS UP AND SHOWS OUT. I met Chadwick on a film we were shooting. That was a fun night. I got a scene with him. He cool and down to earth. Flash forward I was on the set for Black Panther while it was filming in Atlanta. WANT HE DO IT.

    1. ^thank you!!!!
      look at God!!
      i feel i have so much more to come!!!

      i didn’t get to meet chadwick,
      but i did see him up close and kate hudson coming out of their showing.
      one day,
      they will know my name.
      everything will come full circle soon.

      i love that you were on that movie set.
      i know it must have been so inspiring.
      God is working!!

  2. Look at you, getting out. Lol. Glad you enjoyed yourself, and hopefully this will be one of many events you will attend. Keep striving for more.

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