is nova on drugs???? (why is she all the way “villain” this season on “queen sugar”?)

*this entry contains light spoilers.

sidebar: i met charley (dawn-lyen gardner) recently.
she was so nice and warm.
i called her “charley” too.
she laughed.

queen sugar.
season 4.
one of my favorite shows on oprah’s “own” network.
i’ve been so busy that i’ve missed the last 3 episodes,
but i managed to catch up yesterday.
it seems nova has replaced tariq st. patrick (power) as “the most hated“.
a pretty big feat as nothing compares to the hatred for tariq.

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So I Finally Watched The “Queen Sugar” Season Finale and Well…

i love this.
one of my favorite casts.
the secrets we keep from those we love can ruin them.
from a real life perspective,
i don’t know how darla thought that secret would work out for her.
i’m talking about “queen sugar”.

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Rutina Wesley Might Have Debuted Her New Love Interest (In Real Life)

can i tell you how much i ugly sobbed these last episodes of “queen sugar”?
this story line with darla and ralph angel
the aunt vy revelation…
see all that beautiful black on my screen…
in all of my emotions!!
so a vix-bi sent me the following picture of nova,
who is played by rutina wesley,
and her alleged girlfriend
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In The Land of the Humble Celebrities (Urbanworld 2017)

before i start:

i want to thank the f-bi and those at “urban world film festival” for the invite to this wonderful event

i was so grateful for the opportunity and it showed me exactly where i want to belong.
okay now that’s done,
let’s continue…

so a f-bi sent me an email to attend the screening of the mid season premiere of one of my favorite shows,
“queen sugar”.
i saw that it would have a q&a with the cast at the end of it.
you didn’t have to tell me twice.
i sent an email and got a rsvp invite (+1) instantly.
since i was talking to the pretty vixen at the time,
i asked her if she wanted to attend with me.
when we got there

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Someone From “Queen Sugar” Comes Out

guess who is the trans wolf in ^this photo?
it certainly isn’t the one in “chocolate”.
it’s the one of the left who is getting a lot of attention now.
brian michael smith,
who i don’t know from my fav “queen sugar”,
made his debut as a member of the trans community.
this is how and what he had to say via bet
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Kofi Siriboe Looks Like “King Dark Chocolate”

CrR7aXPWEAAneeEso i’m excited about this new show on own,
“queen sugar”.
what caught my eye was the way it’s shot via ( x the trailer ).
well one of the vix-bi on the twitter foxhole,
by the name @elizadwrites,
wanted me to check out one of the wolves of the show.
his name is kofi siriboe and well…
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