Rutina Wesley Might Have Debuted Her New Love Interest (In Real Life)

can i tell you how much i ugly sobbed these last episodes of “queen sugar”?
this story line with darla and ralph angel
the aunt vy revelation…
see all that beautiful black on my screen…
in all of my emotions!!
so a vix-bi sent me the following picture of nova,
who is played by rutina wesley,
and her alleged girlfriend

did not know rutina allegedly swung that way…
or am i late af?

i thought it was her character with the bi story line,
but it seems she isn’t just playing a role.
well whatever it is,
i love whatever is happen.
the alleged girlfriend is sexy and her locs are beautiful.
rutina is also glowing af.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: i love rutina’s acting.
she takes me through it.
i almost feel she is like nova in real life. 

check out more of nova: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Rutina Wesley Might Have Debuted Her New Love Interest (In Real Life)”

  1. Can I tell how this show literally takes my breath away. When Darla revealed Blue may not be Ralph Angels. I legitimately had to find oxygen. The acting is so damn good. Phenomenal show.
    Also, she looks stunning in that photo. Beautiful.

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