1, 2 (Those Roaches Are Coming For You)

i know these little shits all too well.
i’m going to tell the foxhole a story.
it happened after star fox’s death (rip).
so you know i was already in a bad zone.
it’ll start it after the following video i saw on “hollywood unlocked”.
check it out…

i can’t.
i simply can’t.
you can be the cleanest foxholer in the world,
but if your neighbors are nasty af,
you will get infested with roaches.
now my story…

the day or two after star fox’s death,
i woke up and was headed into my living room.
there was roaches EVERYWHERE.
they were on my walls and the roof.
i thought i was in a fuckin’ dream.
i never felt so scornful.
i noticed they were coming from underneath my front door.

“the fuck?”

the culprit was my neighbor’s crib.
these kind folks decided that when they moved,
they were gonna leave trash/rotten food in their apartment.
i could smell like old fruits or something in the hall.
they already had roaches,
but them shits MULTIPLIED and was living off that trash.

they say roaches like to live in clean residences,
but go to dirty ones to feed.

My crib was fuckin’ Disney World to them

you’re screwed either way.
i was not the happiest fox on earth tho.
my landlord had to buy me boric acid and traps.
all that started to work in like 2 days,
but i was so fuckin’ tite because of it.
i saw my neighbor’s again and had let them have it.

btw: this trap worked wonders…

it smells strong af too.
like chocolate/peanut butter.
that and some boric acid around the corners.
knocks them the fuck out.
i’m glad i was able to work quick with them.
like that sista in the video,
aren’t so lucky.

lowkey: don’t put food in your trash foxhole.
i always put scraps in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.
that shit sits in your trash and creatures come a running.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “1, 2 (Those Roaches Are Coming For You)”

  1. I have a roach problems as well, in May I got a fumigation and the roach’s come out because of the chemicals and eventually will die laying on their backs. Worst, on my front porch late at night they camp out near my garden now that gross me out!!!

  2. Sheesh I can only imagine how bad it is on the east coast. Where I live you may see a huge tree roach in the summer inevitably but they’re not common lol.

    1. ^some people are just nasty af out here.
      they literally live in filth and allow it to spread to other homes.

      i hear they fly in the southern states.
      imagine if they flew out here?
      it would be a nightmare

      1. Yep those tree roaches can almost be the size of the palm of your hand. I’ve broken brooms trying to kill them so quickly and aggressively lol

    2. @Jay, they call them water bugs. Them bitches can fly too. You see them alot in the Summers in the South, thats why you have to have your can of Raid at the ready, trying to kill them any other way is just a waste of them, bc them bitches are fast as hell. lol

  3. I HATE roaches soooo much!! I will burn a house down over one roach. Fry you winged ho!! And I stay in Louisiana so you know we have them roaches that gotta be all Extra. Them bytches be flying and swooping down here like eagles and shyt. I just absolutely CANNOT! I be ready to fight if I see a cockroach on the wall but as soon as it start flying, I’m running and screaming the other way. Mission aborted.πŸ˜“

    But seriously, when I got my first place here, the tenant rented it to me from the guy that used to live there. He was nasty af. The first day was fine but bytch when I tell you I moved into Roach Inn. I died a crawling death everytime the sun went down. I could not sleep at night. 😫

    They were everywhere, he had mice too but let me tell you something, Jai don’t give up that easily, I pay the rent in this bytch not y’all. When I tell you I went to war with them… Raid and Combat weren’t effective. These were seasoned roaches, so I went old school on they ass and not to mention I don’t like the chemicals since its not environmentally safe.πŸ™‚

    The best way to kill roaches is to use either boric acid or some regular baking soda but boric is what I used. Mix it with a lil water and sugar. The sugar lures the roaches but they can’t tell the difference between it and the boric acid. When they eat it, they die a well deserved death. Roaches also eat other dead roaches so the ones that eat the dead one will die also. πŸ™ƒ

    This took about a week in a half and I had not a single roach left in that house. Well, I saw one crawling. I lowered my shades and stomped it. No, you shall not pass…And thats how I won my first place back from them. It’s a chain reaction that goes back to the nest.
    Boric acid has no odor and low toxicity to people and other animals but is very toxic to roaches.😝

    For rodents I mix baking soda with chocolate or as I prefer peanut butter. The mice can’t belch or burp so the build up in gas will kill them overtime. Bye, bye Mickey…😏

    I used the glue traps and heard squeaking all night and saw one when I got up in the morning. My first time seeing one so close. I felt sorry for one of them and let it go outside but that bytch came back so I said a prayer and laid down some traps. Coated it with peanut butter and let them have at it. Snapped their necks.πŸ˜›

    It should be noted to put traps along the walls since rodents travel along them and they are smart and DO learn so mix it up. They can also swim and climb…so don’t think they can’t get in the bed with you.

    As of today, I moved but I live in an insect free environment.πŸ˜ƒ

      1. Yes. Mother nature already has the tools and you can save so much money making your own stuff. Y’all.should go Geo! Also mice can bring fleas in your home too. They may be cute but the mice gotta go pronto.

    1. Ive heard about the boric acid thing, but I dont understand how that works. Do you make it into a solution or a paste?

      1. You can do both actually. Now I believe they seem boric acid capsules. You place them down and the roaches cannot resist. In fact, you will see the chew marks on the capsules, evidence that it is working. I prefer to use this or other natural things over chemicals since those chemicals are bad for the environment and your breathing too (those damn particles are still in the air. Other products that roaches hate are catnip, mint oil, citrus oil and orange oil. It really repels them. #Geo

  4. Raid Is my best friend. I keep my house very cold cause I know bugs mostly come out when there’s heat so I like it to stay cold I guess it work cause I only see baby roaches once every blue moon but never the big ones.

  5. I’ve been fortunate in that I haven’t lived in a house with roaches in YEARS. The last house I lived in with roaches was the family house we bought, and the previous owners were nasty as hell, so we went to work on that house with pesticides and sprays! Got rid of them and never saw them again until one of my uncles started letting his nasty ass girlfriend spend the night. I guess they must’ve hitchhiked in her pocket book or clothes. We knew where they came from immediately, because my mom had that house spotless. She didn’t play when it came to cleanliness.

    You are right though about nasty neighbors. If they’re nasty, they will attract roaches/mice…especially in the winter. And their problem WILL become your problem.

  6. Biggest damn fear of moving into an apartment. What the fuck if you buy expensive ass furniture, trying to be all Architectural Digest and shit with it, and you get an infestation. The fuck! Hell, gonna have me having to put Arsonist on my resume.

  7. My complex is surrounded by woods so wood roaches periodically show up uninvited. Its always at night and oddly I swear I got roach sense because I never see them at first but can feel their presence or hear their tiny footsteps its creepy AF. And I need people to please stop calling wood roaches water bugs just so they don’t be shamed, know ya common house roaches from other species. They are huge tho and make the worst mess when u kill them smh.

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