is nova on drugs???? (why is she all the way “villain” this season on “queen sugar”?)

*this entry contains light spoilers.

sidebar: i met charley (dawn-lyen gardner) recently.
she was so nice and warm.
i called her “charley” too.
she laughed.

queen sugar.
season 4.
one of my favorite shows on oprah’s “own” network.
i’ve been so busy that i’ve missed the last 3 episodes,
but i managed to catch up yesterday.
it seems nova has replaced tariq st. patrick (power) as “the most hated“.
a pretty big feat as nothing compares to the hatred for tariq.

When did Nova take such a turn for the worst?

i remember her as a heavy hoteptress who contradicted herself,
but when did she start writing books about her family?
airing out all their dirty laundry?

the chains from heaven would have to stop me from punching her.

when that voice raised on her…


“don’t fuckin yell at me…
…now take my pants off…”

rain your lust and sweat down on me,
ralph angel…

i was lost at how abrupt this switch to “villain” with nova was,
but i guess we always saw her foolishness coming.
it baffles me how she doesn’t get why they aren’t speaking to her.
she gives me a heavy narcissist.
ima need her to get a clue quick.
i’m into this season so far.

Are you?

lowkey: micah came back like he kilmonger.

i dig the look tho.


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12 thoughts on “is nova on drugs???? (why is she all the way “villain” this season on “queen sugar”?)”

  1. toward the end of season 3 they started setting it up. once she told her publicist she hadn’t let them read it I knew it was the real family closet truth and sure enough it was. how she acts like she is savior and totally oblivious to what the truth means for everybody is beyond me…so her character is convinced herself she is the martyr here not the villain and she’s rolling with it. She wants everything on her terms for example when a past lover wanted to spend time and she was too busy yet changed her mind late night and hit her up to come over in the middle of the night for a busy call all bc she was horny. Right

  2. Nova must be smoking snowball sized crack rocks!!! The way she could tell “her truth” but not think of her family’s feelings, and almost be arrogant about it. However Aunt Vi and Darla got that ass TOGETHA! However, I think it’s only a prelude into Nova’s own dark past. They hinted on it, but i’m sure that’s just the tip. Sidenote, i’m excited to see Cree Summer in the next episode!

  3. Jamari, when I tell you Micah finally got me looking at him differently this season. I been thinking about doing some things. But anyway, I need somebody to come see about Nova with their hands. She’s been long overdue for a good disciplining.

  4. So can we talk about Micah? Because he is such a cutie in person. Is he of age yet?

  5. Nova’s character adds strength to this series, but I never cared much for her. She’s the type of woman I doubt I’d get along with outside of a music festival among friends. Her woke SJW crusade seems to do more harm than good.

    Anyhoo, I need to catch up on this show. Ralph Angel ole phine ass still occupy my thoughts. And it looks like Lil Micah is starting to grow up 🙂

  6. From the trailer alone I knew I was gonna be hating her this season, but after seeing Darla and Aunt Vi sobbing this past week. I really want to fight her. Darla didn’t need to be included in that foolishness. 😡

  7. Aunt Vi got that ass together the best. She ain’t even look at her and told her this is the last time you will step yo trifling ass up in my house. The acting in this series is so top notch. I need them to start winning some gotdamn awards. Jimmy Dale by David Alan Grier was played so well. Charley’s ex is just an arrogant ass. I love it!

    I ain’t know Micah was an adult?!? Let me start paying him more attention. He get on my nerves with that whiny shit but he is a cutie. I like Jacob Landry too, cute ass white boy. Novas police ex was easy on my eyes as well.

  8. Nova ain’t never been kind. She’s self-serving, narcissistic whore. People let her natural, mother earth, social justice warrior façade fool them. This is the same reason why people are duped by those types in real life like Nature Boy from YouTube and chakabars from Instagram.

    (Micah is a cutey tho. I wonder if it’s brown or pink lol.)

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