So I Finally Watched The “Queen Sugar” Season Finale and Well…

i love this.
one of my favorite casts.
the secrets we keep from those we love can ruin them.
from a real life perspective,
i don’t know how darla thought that secret would work out for her.
i’m talking about “queen sugar”.

she kept the paternity of your cub’s alleged father a secret.
all because she were scared.
shame will have us out here looking foolish,
but that story isn’t so far fetched.
there are wolves raising cubs that aren’t theirs.
most of them don’t know that either.

i thought the “queen sugar” season finale was pretty anti climatic.
maybe the “that cub might not be mine” episode should have been the last one?
i loved the performances between darla vs ralph angel the most.
it’s great he,
and we,
got the closure that was needed.
charley comes in a close second.
her conversations with remy and the snow jackal>>>
she had some great lines that stood out for me.

“one thing i realized this year is that hurt fuels me…”

“They all left me anyway. Half didn’t even come. And those that did, bailed over a white man’s lie. So forgive me, if I’m not gonna to sit here in an empty mill. Playing the violin, over the feelings over a community. They have told me how they feel, loud and clear.”

…and one that her father told her about if you don’t “win” something.
it’s not the win that counts,
but the lesson you learned along the way that is the victory.
aside from that,
i was left wanting more.
i’m so use to cliff hangers that i was expecting that.
of course,
i’ll be tuning in when it returns next year.
you can expect that.

low-key: the soundtrack,
the homes,
the way the characters are shot/move…
this show makes me appreciate my own surroundings and beauty more.
it’s like an instagram filter on screen and i truly love it.
if you haven’t got into “queen sugar”,
i ask that you do.


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