everyone loves a good season finale

season finales.
when a good tv show ends,
the season finale is usually poppin’.
it ends on a note that has us like:


it’s friendships having rough patches,
someone cheating,
or a main character getting killed off.
so next season,
we will be invested in where the remaining characters go with the storyline.

Since we are stars in our own stories,
it left me to wonder…

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so i watched the “lovecraft country” season finale and well…

lovecraft country” was an experience.
i’ve been blown away with this series.
i’m sure i got almost everyone i know into it,
even though explaining what the show was about was hard af.

its about aliens,

and white vixens shedding skin into black vixens!
It’s so dope!
You gotta check it out!”

uh huh.
tonight was the season finale and well…
( with spoilers )…

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so i watched the season 4 finale of “insecure” and, uh, well…

this was my exact fact after the “insecure” season finale last night.
i think i babbled “wtf was that?” as well.
no seriously…

WTF was that?

when i look back at season 1 of that show,
you can tell the writing was a vastly different up until now.
i have a few thoughts

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so…uh, that was… it? (insecure)

*kinda spoiler heavy

i love insecure,
you know i do.
it’s the only show that i relate with real heavy.
one that i tell everyone from the mountain tops,
but tonight’s season finale for season 3

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So I Finally Watched The “Queen Sugar” Season Finale and Well…

i love this.
one of my favorite casts.
the secrets we keep from those we love can ruin them.
from a real life perspective,
i don’t know how darla thought that secret would work out for her.
i’m talking about “queen sugar”.

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So I Watched The Season Finale To “Insecure” And…

so issa and molly just ended the season with a bucket of “fuck it”?
well i’m not mad.
i get it.
the show is called “insecure” after all.
a lot of us are out here dating/fucking/situation-ing insecurely.
others felt underwhelmed by the season finale,
but i loved it.
i guess everyone wanted a “revenge fuck” sex scene.
it was beautifully shot and had me in my feels.
so here is my quick thought
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