So I Watched The Season Finale To “Insecure” And…

so issa and molly just ended the season with a bucket of “fuck it”?
well i’m not mad.
i get it.
the show is called “insecure” after all.
a lot of us are out here dating/fucking/situation-ing insecurely.
others felt underwhelmed by the season finale,
but i loved it.
i guess everyone wanted a “revenge fuck” sex scene.
it was beautifully shot and had me in my feels.
so here is my quick thought

it’s funny how lawrence and issa both took “L”s this season.
issa tried to get over lawrence by having a hoe phase.
failed miserably.
lawrence found himself either:

leading vixens on
fuckin hoe and hoe after hoe

…and cummin’ up empty.
the tables turned with lawrence getting his shit together,
career and new apartment,
all while issa is now on someone’s couch.
…but they both ended up getting their closure.
“bye iss…”
i weeped.

in life,
you don’t always get that closure with another.
not how these ignorant pineapples be.
some don’t give a fuck how you feel.
they threw up the deuces on you a while ago.
when you are in more control of your life and your emotions,
you won’t care if someone says “goodbye” to you or not.
you might not care if they dropped dead tomorrow.
this show is real life.
you don’t always get your happy ending,
but you do get to start over.
no matter how many times you fuck shit up.
i’m excited for the next season.
i wish we didn’t have to wait a year,
but it’s whatever.
the soundtrack will hold me over until then.
i’m so glad we will see more of this:


low-key: i will say that the “day dream” sequence made me sad.
it truly was “the life you probably won’t ever live”.

9 thoughts on “So I Watched The Season Finale To “Insecure” And…

  1. Insecure is interesting but some of the comments about the show as some people call it being exceptional or nee is..idk awkward to me. I think it’s interesting but hardly as “hype” as everyone tries to make it out to be… especially when shows like Showtime’s “Soul Food” really dug into a hella lot more realistic black issues.

    Also, check out Darrin Henson on Soul Food…He has them nice butt shots like Issa’s boo be doing.

    Also, why is Issa so damn cute. Everytime I look at her and she Fawk something up I be like awww… Except when she got that nut shot to the face…She asked for that.

    As someone said earlier I, myself am literally dying for a new gay black show that has the familiarity of Noah’s Arc with the realness of DL Chronicles and the long lasting power of Queer As Folk.

    We gotta support it tho cuz our hetero bruthas and sistas won’t, even tho we watch they shit like ain’t nothing else on..(well that kinda is the case with gay black media since all we have are soft core web series).

    Our community only wants us in small doses and as effeminate as possible. swishin, Poppin, twisting’, girl this and girl that, but the minute an educated black man, or a black man with a child, or black male athletic is portrayed as a gay masculine man…Shyt hits the fan and the next thing Yu know…They calling networks to get shows removed.. lol

    I just started ranting off topic but forgive me. Insecure next season 2018. 😋

  2. I totally agree with you Tony I feel he does love her and is holding out hope. I think she going to realize that he’s for her but it’s gonna be too late.

    A guy that looks like Daniel you would think could have his pick of any girl out there and I’m sure he has as Lawrence put it “jump offs” in his phone but he’s so into Issa. He see’s her awkwardness as charming and they have great chemistry together.

  3. I really liked the season’s finale, I dug how we got 3 different story lines connecting in sorts.

    That talk Issa and Lawrence had in the kitchen was amazing, it’s what they both needed to let go and move on. Jamari you’re right not everybody gets that kind of closure, that talk and the fantasy scene was very bittersweet because they still love each other but getting back together isn’t an choice right now. very mature way to handled it both sides admitting their faults and not blaming the other person.

    I really wished they would have shown the conversation between Issa and Daniel that made him in a sense take her back, because Ii believe she was wrong and has been wrong to him in 90 percent of their relationship.

    1. I get the sense that Daniel and issa were best friends but really soul mates. It’s like they know certain things without saying a,word but they both know each other’s faults. Remember they reconnected but we don’t know their full history.

      1. True i would love a flashback episode

        I just feel like Issa gets a lot more from their friendship than she’s willing to admit, since he’s been shown to us it’s like he’s treated like her physical and emotional rebound guy.

      2. I think Daniel is really In love with issa. He is like that one woman who holds out hope that the man of her dreams will choose her . He is willing to play whatever role he needs to play to get her.

  4. Here’s what I took away. Appreciate and enjoy what you have because one day it will be all you have ever wanted

  5. I dug the finale also Jamari. HBO needs a quintessential NYC based show with predominately people of color. ASAP. Maybe from a male perspective? Gay maybe? Or just sexually fluid? Idk man. Lol

  6. actually getting ready to watch the season finale NOW as my husband & I eat dinner. I’ve turned him on to the series. he doesn’t love it, but will always watch with me. LOL! I love the writing and especially Issa’s mirror monologues. we both always DIE laughing at those. love how the storyline reflects real human reactions, interactions & routine scenarios. nothing is too fanciful or overdone. EXCELLENT SHOW!

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