Isaiah Williams Is An Ex Baller Wolf Meal

i love his hair,
among other things.
i love when a ex baller wolf still keeps himself together.
 isaiah williams,
who is pictured up ^above,
still looks like he plays in the nfl.
foto 119 got another good one on my radar.

i don’t even want to get into how he is making me feel.
check his stats:

200 lbs
age: 30
hometown: montclair, nj
college: maryland
hasn’t played in the nfl since ( x 2014 )
current: personal trainer in new yawk/nj

i’m sold!
i want more.
he is my neck of the woods too?

i loved to see ^that in person.

fotos cc: foto 119 | isaiah williams

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Isaiah Williams Is An Ex Baller Wolf Meal”

  1. Oh my… he is sexy from head to toe literally. Jamari you need to find him and get some one on one personal training sessions.

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