Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?

so i got put on this story and i been hooked.
it’s like a real life alleged murder mystery,
but the hood version being played out on social media.
it seems we are all trying to solve it as well.
i’m sure my f-bi will have the killer in no time.
so everyone say goodbye to 19 year old,
kenneka jenkins.

she was found dead in the hotel freezer of the crowne plaza chicago o’hare hotel in chicago.
how she got there is the question we all want answers too.
none of the “she randomly walked in there” story make sense.
her “friends” seem to know,
but no one is talking.
all we have is this alleged fb live video from the night of…


everything allegedly went down in ^that she-jackal’s glasses.
at 3:06,
you can allegedly hear kenneka say “help me” before the music turns on.
this was what kenneka (on the left) was wearing that night she died:

is that her laying on the bed in that she hyena’s glasses?
there are so many theories as to how she died.
some are saying her friends allegedly sold her for 200 to be raped.
others are saying she was allegedly killed by a staff member in the hotel.
all i want to know is:

How did she get to the freezer?


Why were the security cameras mysteriously turned off?

the friends allegedly had kenneka’s phone and her mama car.
they allegedly left without her???
i need that part confirmed.

bad enough one of her alleged “friends” works at the same hotel.
you can follow all the comments to this mystery ( x here ).
check the comments on the ( x youtube video).

the forests are talking and i’m sure someone is gonna break soon.

lowkey: God,
please protect me from my friends.
i can handle my enemies…

read more about it: here | here | here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?”

  1. This story got me so emotional when I heard about it this morning, I have a younger sister close to this girls’s age ( a little older). It just really got to me those “friends” need to speak the hell up and why do anything like that period? Her family are in my prayers , just to have to think what her poor mother is going through right now smh

    1. ^word!!!!
      i feel really sad and the fact everyone is giving the run around about her death is really sickening.
      i hope they solve this soon so her mother could at least find closure.

  2. Correction: The hotel is the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel which is located in Rosemont,IL.

    I admit, I jumped myself in the detective bandwagon, then I told my self to let the real detectives handle it. All I know is that there was some foul play involved.

    It’s really stuff like this is why I don’t like getting close to many people.

  3. This gave me chills. You can clearly hear that poor girl say help me. It was a strangled out cry! Her “friends” knew what the fuck was going on! I’m just so sick

  4. Oh Jamari… that broke my soul to hear her calling for help. There’s been a lot of speculation that this was gang related. Most of the people in the comment sections have taken apart the entire video. The girl With the shades supposedly set her up telling her she was going to a party along with a few other members (one of them works at the hotel, which is how they cleared the cameras), but instead they gang raped the poor girl and left her body in the freezer. You can also hear a couple guys discussing going through with killing someone in the background of the video. It sickens me to hear stories like this. I’m really proud of seeing the black community band together to solve this. It doesn’t happen as often as it should. My heart and prayers go to her family.

  5. We’ve been talking about this all day at work today and yes I’m from Chicago. The mother was on the news and she stated that both her and her other daughter and they said they saw her on cam leaving the room staggerring, but they didn’t see her come back.

    From the radio stations they said that the her best-friend was in police custody after trying to commit suicide and the other friend that worked at the hotel (who also knew where the freezer was “my thoughts”) turned herself in to police and trying to tell the story saying something about the brother attacking one of the dudes and that’s the only way they thought to get revenge (but no brother was mentioned by family) and the ” friends” were suppose to split up $2000 in which they didn’t get according to the friend that worked there.

    This story has so many loops I just hope that the family get the right story and justice for their loved one.

  6. I am just glad these terrible human beings were dumb enough to film and post the video we have all seen. Who knows if this would be a national story without the video of the girls sunglasses.

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