Rihanna Has Her Paw On The KKK Necks

can i tell you how proud i am of rihanna?
coming out with a whole make up line,
in a whole store,
which caters shades to whole black vixens.
i went into sephora today to get a sample of a cologne,
i asked the beautiful sales associate where was the fenty beauty.
she eagerly pointed to her left and….

…i nearly weeped.
all the shades for our dark skinned vixens were sold out.
i come home and then i see the following.
it was posted on twitter yesterday

and then:

now you care about the black vixens?
too little; too late.
what i love is how rihanna took 2 years to focus on this:


…whereas the kkk pretty much slapped their names on alleged cheap shit.
my home-vixen bought something of kylies and it fell apart.
i judged her.
i did.
all this definitely proves that “we” are big consumers and shouldn’t be ignored.
rihanna’s winning proved that.

this has been her year and i hope she has continued success.

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7 thoughts on “Rihanna Has Her Paw On The KKK Necks

  1. Props to Riri for this, yes there are other makeup lines with a wide selection of skin tone colors but unlike those lines she came out the gate with the it, not adding it in later. I loved the marketing and the different models she used.

  2. Proud of Rihanna

    I’m sure Kylie and Kim will be coming out with some dumbass collection soon just to bring the attention back on them and I know Jeffree Star hating ass will have his opinion 🙄

    1. I’ve been watching YouTube reviews of Fenty Beauty (because of how proud I am of Rihanna!) and Jeffree Star loves it, surprisingly. I wonder if it was all fake love though.

  3. I LOVE RIHANNA for paying special attention to the sistas and creating a quality product that women of all ethnicities WANT to wear. GORGE!

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