“I Have A Wolf” = “Hit On Me Even Harder”????

he snuck up on my desk today.
i didn’t even see him.
i was engrossed in the apple event.
1,000 for an iphone?
that’s how we doing it now?

as soon as he got there…

“you didn’t call me…”

…in a low voice.

“i was with my boyfriend.”

i wish i did.
i would have him up at my job with the quickness.

“you tell your boyfriend about me?”

i was like,
even if i had a wolf,
this character wouldn’t be the discussion.
so he asked me what he looked like.
i could have showed him a picture of a “meat” from the foxhole ig.
i showed him one of the out wolf i know.
the one from my last job that i crush on.
he is the physical prototype of what i’m looking for so…
as soon as he saw him…

“oh damn.
he is big.”

“i told you i like muscles.”

“he looks like he would knock my head off.”

“he would.”

even with all that,
in the conversation i wanted to avoid,
he gonna ask me if i could show him my nudes.


“i know you send your man nudes.
send me one.”

and then i said it:

“you are just not smooth at all.
not even a little bit.”

i had too tho!!!
he was getting on my nerves.
he is way too aggressive and it makes me sort of uncomfortable.
i thought even with a wolf he would back the fuck up,
but he is doing way too much.
ima put him on my “potential jackal” list.
something is off with that one.

lowkey: ugh…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on ““I Have A Wolf” = “Hit On Me Even Harder”????”

      1. J, record his ass, tell him to leave you alone and if he continues…take that shyt to HR.
        That’s harassment. They’ll cut his ass quick because he would cost them a LOT of $$$ if it had to go there!

  1. I don’t know if you saw my comment on that other post but please stay away from this guy as much as possible.I don’t want to see you on an episode of TV One’s “Fatal Attraction”. I’m partly kidding, partly serious.

  2. Damn it’s too bad the out wolf is back with his boo, I would have had him act like your fake boo and show up there one day ….. damn where is the 1-800 hire a pineapple app at lol

  3. This Man has problems..Please do not include his type in my last post..do not relax around this man..You said he was from an Island, some of these guys from certain places have serious problems, he should have backed of f when you said you had someone..

  4. WOW! Asking for nudes at work?! Yea, I’d tell this looney tune my boyfriend is crazy and my brother, try it. Document this incase you need to file on his ass…

  5. the definition of doing too damn much and thinking that will work. Like you want me to send you nudes for what?

    I get why women get angry af when getting hit on because dudes literally think disinterest is a challenge or you got a man is a challenge.

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