(UPDATE) Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday

we can finally bring closure to this story.
the foxhole has been keeping me updated on it.
i’m always appreciative.
so remember ( x this entry )?
kenneth “ahmad” love was murdered by terrio sanchez williams.
in an alleged jealous rage,
he stabbed kenneth with a broken golf club.
well terrio will be locked away for a very long time.
this is what arkansas online had to update…

An Arkansas funeral director sentenced to 25 years for fatally stabbing a man with a broken golf club wrote a letter to the presiding judge saying he is “deeply remorseful” for killing someone he considered a good friend.

Terrio Sanchez Williams, 35, pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree murder in the October 2016 death of Kenneth Love. He was then sentenced by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herbert Wright to 25 years imprisonment.

Authorities found 27-year-old Love of Waco, Texas, injured in the driveway Williams’ North Little Rock home. He was taken to Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock, where he died.

According to Williams’ arrest report, the then-34-year-old got into a fight with Love and another man, who was reportedly Williams’ boyfriend.

Pulaski County deputies said Williams hit Love with a golf club, which snapped on impact. He then stabbed Love with the splintered shaft through his arm and into his chest, authorities said.

Williams was arrested at the scene and charged with second-degree murder.

Before pleading guilty Thursday, a number of people filed letters on Williams’ behalf for the judge to see.

One of those people, Marva Holiday, said she got to know Williams through his work as a funeral director at Hardy Funeral Home in Little Rock. She described him as a man of “delicate nature and tender heart” who comforted the grieving, including her mother.

Williams also wrote a page-long letter to the judge in which he said he was sharing what’s been on his “heart and mind” for the past 11 months.

He described his friendship with Love, saying the two met in New Orleans. They talked often and would meet in either Louisiana or in Houston for vacations, the letter said.

Love came to visit Williams for a weekend in October 2016, and the two went out drinking and hung out with friends, Williams wrote.

“The weekend was exactly what I wanted it to be until that moment,” Williams wrote.

“I never knew emotions could take over in literally just a few seconds,” he later added.

Williams then said he was remorseful for his actions.

“I know that saying I’m sorry can never restore his life or make the Love family whole again,” he wrote. “I hope at some point that the family can find it in their hearts to forgive me. I hope to one day be able to forgive myself.”

wait wait wait…
so you mean to tell me they were cool with each other?

so kenneth went to go visit terrio initially?
how did:

get in the picture?
either way,
two lives were lost over some pipe.
one i’m sure won’t be visiting terrio anytime soon.
it seems like ol wolf has moved on according to his fb:

i hope kenneth “ahmad” love is resting in peace.
as for terrio and his letter

lowkey: folks gotta stop fighting over penis/pussy.
they won’t be fighting for you.

article: arkansas online

8 thoughts on “(UPDATE) Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday

  1. Yes, it was senseless. It is never worth it. These dudes will go absolutely crazy if it involves a man with a nice body, mostly has to do with insecurities of course. Well anyway, I am glad to see that justice was served.

  2. You guys don’t remember the whole story?

    The shirtless dude is Williams’ boyfriend. They were all friends.

    The whole situation was even more eerie because the last post on Love’s facebook to this day is a picture of the three of them and how excited he was to come.

    The stories about what led to the whole altercation vary greatly, but I guess it doesn’t matter at this point.

    In any event, I graduated college with Love and he honestly didn’t have an enemy in the world.

    Just senseless all around. He’s dead and Williams’ spending a quarter of a century locked up smh.

  3. That lil tidbit of Terrio being the friend that he was actually coming to meet makes this whole situation even more messy. And if that’s they case, then why he post that pic like that other guy is “his big bro”. Something ain’t clean in this milk. I’m surprised he didn’t go into anymore detail about what happened since he has already pledged guilty and is in a confessing mood. We’ll never know what actually happened between them. Sidenote: having a boyfriend that looks like that, you got to be secure or you’ll go crazy.

    1. Or how about not trying to keep hoes that don’t want to be kept? They usually just want shelter anyway lol

      Leave these thots in the community they serve lol

  4. So sad. Sooo how is the shirtless guy involved? I thought Ahmad was going to visit the shirtless guy? I’m a little confused. Either way it’s sad that another life was lost.

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