only you can wake TF up (no one else can snap you out of it)

i like to remind folks:

“You will wake up and find closure on YOUR time.”

everyone loves to tell you when you should move on,
but YOU have to come to that conclusion on your own.
this is why when your friends step back.
it’s not to make you feel alone but they need you to see it for it is.
that was me with a wolf that i was really interested in all of last year.
he was so sexy to me for whatever reason.
i started to passively hope he would see “me” as i saw “him”.
as i laid in that bed last week because of all the pain i was in,
 this random thought came in my head…

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(UPDATE) Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday

we can finally bring closure to this story.
the foxhole has been keeping me updated on it.
i’m always appreciative.
so remember ( x this entry )?
kenneth “ahmad” love was murdered by terrio sanchez williams.
in an alleged jealous rage,
he stabbed kenneth with a broken golf club.
well terrio will be locked away for a very long time.
this is what arkansas online had to update…
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This Is You… Then.

How do you expect to move on, if you do not have closure?

That is the question ringing in my mind.
I don’t know if I am the type to hold a grudge, per say.
But, I do hold onto things even though I claim I am over it.
I will use those little things as examples for me not to fuck up in the future.
Which I think is relatively smart, but you do need to let go so you can successfully move on.
But, moving on is hard to do when you do not have closure.
So the real question is…

How do you really get closure?

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