only you can wake TF up (no one else can snap you out of it)

i like to remind folks:

“You will wake up and find closure on YOUR time.”

everyone loves to tell you when you should move on,
but YOU have to come to that conclusion on your own.
this is why when your friends step back.
it’s not to make you feel alone but they need you to see it for it is.
that was me with a wolf that i was really interested in all of last year.
he was so sexy to me for whatever reason.
i started to passively hope he would see “me” as i saw “him”.
as i laid in that bed last week because of all the pain i was in,
 this random thought came in my head…

Here you are,
laid up in pain and you can’t even call/text/dm/carrier pigeon this dude to let him know.

He has shown you who he is and it’s over.
He found someone else and you need to do the same.”

…and that’s when i woke tf up.
just like that.

once i removed the rose-colored glasses,
he wasn’t “the fantasy” that i created in my head anymore.
i doubt i’d be happy if we got together.
he seems to be selfish and comes with a lot of emotional baggage.
i think after we fucked,
i’d be over it tbh.
he ended up losing me; i didn’t lose him.

you will always have your “ah-ha” moment when you least expect it.
it could be about a relationship,
career choices,
and even family.
i think you’re truly over something once YOU come to the conclusion.
no one else can do that for you.

lowkey: i had “a-ha” moments about a lot of shit last week.
 i activated something that serves me better.

Author: jamari fox

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